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debate questions... loyalists VS. patriots?

my class is doing a debate between loyalists and patriots. my role is a "moderate". what are some good, hard to answer questions to ask both sides? please something that makes them think, not just like what are the benefits. thank you =)

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    To the patriots: Is it so unfair to ask you to pay for your own defense? The French and Indian War was fought to keep you safe, and it was expensive. Don't you think you should pay your share?

    To the loyalists: How can you support a government that doesn't even give you the right to have a voice in how you are governed?

    Hope they help.

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  • Tim D
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    10 years ago

    Ask questions about virtual representation. Is it worth waiting for, does it already exist.

    From Samuel Johnson’s Taxation No Tyranny

    “It must always be remembered, that they are represented by the same virtual representation as the greater part of Englishmen; and that, if by change of place, they have less share in the legislature than is proportionate to their opulence, they, by their removal, gained that opulence, and had originally, and have now, their choice of a vote at home, or riches at a distance.” [they = Americans]

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    1) why do you think we should stay with England or break away from them?

    2) why is the position of your opponent wrong in your mind?

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