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What do you think of the following names I'm putting in my novel?

The main character; Silas Percy Montgomery

The other characters;

-Hayden Joelle Reese, otherwise known as "Gray"

-Wei Candace Sanders

-Mercedes Heather Sanders

-Wayne Gregory House

-Marshall Owen Roaches

-Jakoby Thomas Boise

-Catherine Penelope Ranch

-Rachael Kaitlyn Smith

-Micah Peter Brady

-Garrett Lucas Daniels

-Felicia Jane Walker

So, what do you think of these names? What do you rate them? Hate them or love them? Why?

Help a fellow writer out please.

I will be awarding a best answer.

Plus, does anyone know where I got the following first and last names; Hayden, Candace, Sanders, Micah, Peter, Walker? If so, you have a better chance of winning best answer...

Even if you don't, thanks for answering in advance.




I didn't know House's full name was Gregory House, I've only seen a couple few episodes. I wasn't really going to state his middle name though... But if you can, what's a good name for Wayne __________ House? :]

Update 2:

First, Wei IS Asian. Second, yeah it's pronounced "Way", :]

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    Would those names be from Heroes, per chance?

    Anyways, I like your names in general, but here are the editations I would make.

    Hayden Joelle Reese- I understand that Hayden is a girl here (right?), but not everyone will assume that by reading the first name. My suggestion, make the middle name much more recognizable and feminine. Also, make sure there's a legitimate reason that she's called "Gray"

    Is Wei prounounced Way? If so, rock on, that's a good original name.

    Wayne Gregory House- No. no. no. You don't use both the first and last name of a major pop culture icon in your story. I wouldn't even use the last name House. It's very distinct and, honestly, its very uncommon. Think of something equally cool that's original.

    In my humble opinion, I think that you hace at least one too many names starting with M. I'd change either Mercedes or Marshall.

    Also, if you want the name from Heroes, I think its Saunders, not Sanders.

    Anyways, best of luck on the story- these names make me wonder what it is about!

  • The only one I like is Jacoby Thomas Boise. Jacoby and Thomas sound great together ;) As for the rest:

    Silas Percy Montgomery -- with a name like Silas, why would you pair it with something as ugly as Percy?

    Hayden Joelle Reese -- dislike Hayden and Joelle

    Wei Candace Sanders -- unless this person is of Asian descent, why Wei? it sounds odd with Candace

    Mercedes Heather Sanders -- Mercedes sounds like her parents were trying to hard to be sophisticated, while Heather is just boring and not pretty

    Wayne Gregory House -- ever heard of the show House? the doctor's full name is Gregory House, so no good there

    Marshall Owen Roaches -- dislike Marshall and Owen

    Catherine Penelope Ranch -- first and middle name are really long, while the last name is really short; makes it off-balance

    Rachael Kaitlyn Smith -- it's okay, just nothing great and nothing too horrible

    Micah Peter Brady -- again, first and middle name do not work well together

    Garrett Lucas Daniels -- don't like how Lucas and Daniels both end with s (doesn't flow well)

    Felicia Jane Walker -- Jane, the most boring name out there, ruins what could be a decent name (I like Felicia)

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    Silas Percy Montgomery: I don't think the name sounds well together! The first and middle don't go well & the middle & last don't go well either...4/10

    Hayden Joelle Reese: I don't like her nickname...3/10

    Wei Candace Sanders: I don't like the name Wei! 2/10

    Mercedes Heather Sanders: I hate the name Mercedes..4/10

    Wayne Gregory House: I love this name. 8/10

    Marshall Owen Roaches: Great name. 7/10

    Jakoby Thomas Boise: Jakoby is too weird of a name. 5/10

    Catherine Penelope Ranch: I like this name. 7/10

    Micah Peter Brady: I love this name. 5/10

    Garrett Lucas Daniels: I don't think the middle and last name go well together. 1/10

    Felicia Jane Walker: I like this name. 5/10

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