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What is the percentage of a nuclear weapon being released. Also what are some pros and cons of nuclear weapons and what is your opinion on and why?

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    the 1st used was against japan

    then soviet union in between ww2 and korea had their own device tested on surface, us intel was slow to react to this, materials, brains and designs were obtained trough espionage during ww2 from usa, england and canada

    then china followed up very pretty quickly

    Soviet Union used nuclear devices as tests on surface all across southern countries like Georgia, KKazakhstanand many of the far away places of the far away ring of republics and little towns all during cold war

    Israel was devoted to do so until they had by espionage their own device but not active use so far

    Iraq tried to do same, several israeli secret teams killed nuclear experts from france, planted bobs and facilities inside france and then bombed iraqi reactor operation opera 4 june 1981

    North Korea by 1994 detonated nuclear device, they had poverty, general famine was all over the country yet they keep pushing their nuclear agenda.

    India detonated one on surface by 1997 , pakistan and india engaged into open nuclear force show by using those closer to common border

    Iran is trying so hard to join nuclear club so far they had achieved nuclear facilities and production little goals, by 2007 a bombing run by israeli air force destroyed facility yet thy do not let go nuclear dream

    Proliferation was limited during cold war initial years soviet espionage had several rings actively looking after nuclear secrets inside western alliance during world war 2 klaus fuchs, the cambridge 5 , theodore hall , morris and lona cohen and company stole big secrets in favor of soviet union

    soviets did their best to gain sources of uranium and other materials, south africa was big prize for it

    France tried to sell nuclear power to south korea but usa prevented such move, the usa did not want nuclear korean peninsula as to avoid nuclear escalation

    Countries with nuclear power Russia, Usa, France, England, China North Korea, Iran, Israel, India , Pakistan

    Methods of delivery : by air power using bombers or jets, by missile from submarine or destroyers, by large missiles from the ground

    Pro nuclear power is key to health investigations and radiation therapy to fight cancer , provides jobs and advances industrial technology and consumes supplies so is a large economic agent

    Cons is a weapon to become bully and it does consume large amounts of money that other wise could be invested to fight poverty or to increase housing today usa, and europe are going trough deep financial crises and yet the nuclear arsenal demands lots of money ofmaintenancee alone for weapons that are not needed,

    By conventional weapons usa nd nato are very capable of winning any war and few countries dare to challenge usa directly! just because usa has the power to respond to conventional treat with a large navy ( 50 navies combined can match us naval power!) so what is the need of such large arsenals?

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    nuclear weapons are a big con. Any attack will come on a regular aircraft, or in a container ship, or build secretly near the target.

    They are used to play game with in politics, a sign of power, an excuse to attack

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