What common English word comes from the name of Hela?

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    I take it you mean the Norse goddess?

    Well -- the word hell doesn't come from her name, but it's related to it. That's the best you're going to get. Here's the etymology for both from the Oxford English Dictionary. You'll see both are related to Old Icelandic "hel".

    Hell (n.)

    [Cognate with Old Frisian helle, hille, Old Dutch helle (Middle Dutch helle, Dutch hel), Old Saxon hellia, hel (Middle Low German helle), Old High German hella (Middle High German helle, German Hölle), Old Icelandic hel (also the name of the goddess of the underworld: see HEL n., and compare HELA n.1), Old Swedish häl (Swedish hel), Old Danish heliæ, genitive (Danish hel), Gothic halja, showing a derivative noun (originally strong feminine) probably < the same Indo-European base as HELE v.1 ]

    And here it is for Hela:

    [Apparently < post-classical Latin Hela (1665 or earlier) < Old Icelandic Hel (see HELL n.). Compare HELL n. 1c, HEL n.]

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    Hellenic (i.e. Greek in origin).

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