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My environmental science assignment is about the people on Easter Island. What was the person who cut down the last palm tree on Easter Island thinking? That is the question I have to answer. It has to be a paragraph long and i could only think of a few answers to that question, and I'm not sure if they would be right.

If you happen to have a good descriptive answer that would be great. I have to email it to my teacher no later than 11:59 PM Thursday, September 16th.

please please please help


What was the person who cut down the last palm tree on Easter Island thinking?

this is the question that needs to be answered. i already know the history and background, but thanks

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  • MarkG
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    9 years ago
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    An early populist theory of the Easter Island deforestation is that the residents cut all the trees down for use in constructing shelters and moving the statues.

    However new evidence has come to light that indicates that an invasive rat population ate most of the palm seeds & nuts. Without natural predators the rats ate the nuts and seeds at a rate faster than the trees could reproduce.

    Slow growth rate palms would be further hampered by complications from denuded areas such as increased run off and nutrient depletion of soils. With less foliage and increased open areas it would be harder to maintain moisture content in periods of limited rainfall resulting in further stress on tree growth.

    Human population explosions would also increase demand for wood as well as create negative social pressures. It is though that several conflicts erupted between two groups (Long Ears and Short Ears). There are remains of a defensive trench on the island and such fortifications would have also created a demand for wood.

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  • lucey
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    3 years ago

    good you are able to now no longer circulate to Christmas Island until eventually you're a usual authority worker or a refugee. So i ought to circulate to Easter Island, by way of fact of all of its mysterys with the great statues. If I had my own determination it ought to be the practice dinner ISLANDS. Christmas Island is indoors the Indian Ocean off Western Australia that's part of Australia.

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