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Traveling to Nicaragua?

i will be spending 2 weeks in Nucaragua / Costa Rica. I am looking for all travellers opinions on any info / opinions you have....Granada. Ometepe, Mombacho, Massaya...



Clothes to bring (Material Wise)

Taxis / Buses


Thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Nicaragua is overall an amazing, untouched country to visit, IMO. It's my second favorite Central American country (tied with Guatemala, with Honduras being my favorite). Each of the places you listed will give you a good taste of Nicaragua's different highlights, so kudos for choosing those locations.


    Take simple precautions. Nicaragua is statistically the safest Central American country, but it's still wise to take these precautions just in case: avoid obvious dodgy places; plan your trip well (but allow for flexibility), don't be flashy, etc.

    I've travelled very extensively through Central America, applying all of these precautions, and the only scary moments for me were: drunk bus driver in Guatemala, minor theft in Costa Rica. Take these precautions, and your chances of encountering such troubles are greatly diminished.


    Nicaragua has some health issues, but it's not really something that would affect a traveler. If you go to the remote areas, though (like some of the rainforests), it helps to know if you need malaria pills or bug spray, etc. Human-contracted diseases shouldn't be a problem, overall.


    Granada is a very beautiful historical city. A few days could be spent here just admiring the different historical sites, and if you know at least conversational Spanish, the locals are also quite friendly, at least from my experience.


    I really enjoyed this island, and Lake Nicaragua in general. There are chances to view wildlife (mainly birds), hiking volcanoes, and soaking up the local ambience. I stayed at Finca de las Islas when I visited this area.

    MOMBACHO is one of my top favorite natural areas in Central America. While my visits, I spotted a sloth, several species of birds, some reptiles and amphibians as well. One thing that I like about Nicaragua (and Honduras) is that the environments overall don't get visited as much, and they're overall less disturbed, and you feel like you're really close to nature. Mombacho is doable while you're at Granada.


    I really liked Masaya, since it's a great place to catch some Nicaraguan folklore and handicrafts. I also loved Masaya Volcano National Park: I recommend their night tour.

    Four places in Nicaragua for two weeks is pretty doable -- but you might find that you'll want to stay longer.

    Source(s): Extensive travel through Central America.
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