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how did David Carradine die?

Ok so i remember hearing on the news that he died but never really paid to much attention about it. today i watch a old movie with him in it. i googled how he died and alot of people say he was found hung his hotel room that he committed suicide in .. or that he had Auto-erotic asphyxiation and accidentally hung himself... I just don't believe it he seemed more like a spiritual guy.. so what do you think?

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    There are pictures of his body hanging in a closet. He was wearing a pair of womens stockings. So yea, he died just the way you heard. There are photos of his death scene all over the internet.

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    he died by hanging himself to achieve a perfect orgasm. kind of sick. i guess that's spiritual in a bizarre way.

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    Both accounts were plausible since nobody witnessed his death

    they can only guess what happened

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