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What is meant by sea/shore rotation in the US Navy?

I'm getting ready to enlist and I've been doing some research. I keep reading about sea/shore rotation, and I haven't found any explanation for what that is. Does that mean that during your sea rotation you are deploy-able while on shore rotation you're not? Can anyone help me out with this, or possibly direct me toward a useful website where I can continue my research?

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    Typically you serve 3 years on a shore duty and alternate with 3 years sea duty (meaning assigned to a ship). Now that ship may not be out sea all the time and could even be under repair. The rotation is good because sailors get burned out with 3 years ship life. When ships are underway it is a lot work and training and not mention you are away a lot from family. Shore duty gives you a chance to just be in one spot and go home to your family at night. The exception for this rotation cycle would be jobs in the navy such as builders (construction rates) called seabees, they are a non-ship unit. When you alternate 3 years sea, 3 years shore you are changing commands but not seabees. Good luck with your new Navy career, I hope you get some valuable experiences!

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    Sea/shore rotation is the amount of time you are attached to a sea going command as opposed to the amount of time you are attached to a shore command.

    While attached to a sea going command you can (an will of course) go to sea on the ship.

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    typical deployment for the army is 6-7 months lengthy each and every a million-2 years. in spite of the actuality that maximum persons bypass each and every 2 years (or extremely 18 months), some human beings have lengthy gone 6/6 (6 months deployed, 6 months stay). some human beings were even deployed for in simple terms 3 months (watta heck is up with that??). ASSUMING what you've examine is genuine (and that i'm guessing it is not), you feels like the 6/6 for a 6-year contract. Now of direction... reserves are a lot diverse.

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    even on shore duty you are deployable.

    Sea duty just means your duty station is a ship or boat( and in some cases a squadron or overseas duty counts as sea duty, depending on rating)

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    David is right.

    Bottom line is that there aren't enough ships for everyone, so you have to take turns!

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