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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceTrivia · 1 decade ago

Please help me become a nerd! ^^?

Hi ok so I'm 18 and in my final year of secondary school/high school. To look at me, I am the picture of the stereotypical bimbo,pretty face,long blonde hair,blue eyes,attractive body (I'm not vain,but that is the type of attention I typically get from guys and girls alike :/). True I am lucky to have been blessed in that way naturally,but I do not try and flaunt it or work at it. I am a tomboy nerd truly so i don't fuss about it. But the problem is that I am also blessed with brains,but people tend to only see the outside. A lot of people know that I have a talent for art and languages & can be a swot at times but I just really love learning. I have my final exams before college in June so I am studying seriously to get into University. I am a huge procrastinator and had forgotten what a kick I get out of study once I get into it. Haha I am a total nerd and I love it. I love physics but was prevented from taking it as a subject due to it clashing with art and I amn't that strong at math. I do home ec,biology and art...which are often deemed easy or not that intellectual or girly subjects. I study 3 hours daily and then read encyclopedias and science things online when I get home. I am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory and I know it's only a show but I idolize the scientists and Sheldon! But I'm always viewed as Penny,the dumb blonde. Whenever I show my extensive vocabulary,people gush "oooh big words!" or when I reveal that I love philosophy or Star Wars and comics & National Geographic,Back To The Future & The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, people don't believe me at first, even the most open minded. My boyfriend does of course, he knows me inside out but he is a maths and physics whizz! Not everybody is going to see my room and a the nerdy stuff in it but why is it so hard to believe that a girl can have beauty and brains? I only have to wear my glasses for reading but I've taken to wearing them more because of the looks of respect I get & how people change towards me,especially my Biology teacher. He is old fashioned,racist & sexist but I notice that when I wear them,he pays me attention in class & doesn't dismiss my statements. Last year my new English teacher,after my getting an A in a test asked me if I had gotten help from the Internet with my homework and praised the girl beside me who had copied her answer exactly from a sample one on the Internet. I wish to befriend "nerdy" types,but they are either intimidated by my appearance or scoff at me. I don't even wear make-up to school anymore,my uniform is baggy and I don't style my hair and still no difference!

Basically can anyone recommend any books to me so that I can sound smarter? I miss Physics,bit the math baffles me & I do not have time for dense books with my impending exams so any simple books,even good childrens ones? Such as national geographic books,horrible histories,horrible sciences,readers digest books? Also I don't do History,but yet again no dense books please,but I would like to be able to quote things such as the Geneva Convention,Napolean,the invention of the wheel...basically I just want to sound like a nerd,stand my ground and gain intellectual respect and know what I'm talking about! Any books on the great philosophers,scientific laws,great inventors etc. Any good websites such as the BigThink and Physics4you?

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    Plato and Aristotle are always great reads. Much knowledge and most books are around 150 pages. Look for the Penguin Publishing editions, they are riddled with footnotes to help use the quotes in everyday conversation, and they can be found in pretty much any library. Also, keep an eye out for "modern day philosophers" Chuck Palahniuk is a great inspiration to me and he always tells a story that will entertain anyone who picks up the book. However, I have noticed it is only the "intellectuals" who pick up on the true meaning of the novel and that see the message he is trying to convey....also, he poses many questions that can leave one pondering for days.

    Hope that helps.

  • 1 decade ago

    I can't really tell you what to read since I don't know what you like specifically. I love quantum mechanics and the study of infinity and fractals in mathematics and if you don't give up at first when you stare into the abyss they are pretty interesting subjects that basically everyone that is a nerd has something to say about : )

    in politics i like: Noam Chomsky, George Orwell's "1984", Barry Schwartz "the paradox of choice"

    in physics i liked: Stephen Hawkins "a brief history of time" and "the universe in a nutshell", those are pretty tough books to get thru if you haven't had any science. I say start with Neil Degrasse Tyson's "death by black hole"

    you said something about childrens books: "the little prince" by Saint-Exupéry is a legendary book.

    in fiction: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time Mark Haddon

    and you can get a lot of good Ideas of what to read if you check out the lectures on

    oh and most important of all, question everything you read. cause I think being a skeptic is far more nerdier than being malleable by your environment, parents and even your Idols.

    Source(s): myself, not really a nerd but love to be one.
  • 5 years ago

    Get yourself educated. Just study as much as you can. Read a lot of books, try some classic authors and then think and talk about them. Anyway I don't think it's possible to become something you're not naturally. Why would you want to be a nerd? You don't have to be nerd to be smart or clever...

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    Congratulations! You have journeyed through the mystic portal and now there is only Nirvana to await you . . . You ARE a nerd!

    Listen, it doesn't matter what you look or sound like as long as what goes on inside the noggin is sound. You already acknowledge that appearances shouldn't matter, but you need to embrace it yourself and think that as long as you have a curious mind and an open heart, you have what it takes to be a nerd. Nerds aren't just dweeby book worms with pasty skin and acne, seated in dark corners looking up obscure facts to memorize; nerds are in politics, in R and D, in big business, and even in Hollywood. Natalie Portman is a total nerd, does she look or sound like it to you? But it's true, her IQ is incredibly high and she's a very sweet person at least on camera (nerds are disqualified from being nerds if they are rude, by the way).

    If you want to speak more intelligently, just read more books and the words will fill you and overflow into your personality and your speech.

    Also, surround yourself with people you admire for their intelligence.

    Remember what Malcom Forbes said, practice it, and you will reach the rank of 'Total Nerd'!

    "The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one."- Malcom Forbes

    I hope that helps and kudos to you for wanting the brains. You are not a bimbo if you are at all concerned about things transcending the mortal plane! Good luck!

    Namaste'- Elizabeth


    Source(s): -I am also a nerd!- Quotes: Malcom Forbes
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