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Remdog asked in PetsHorses · 1 decade ago

Good horse reads? Non-fiction?

I'm looking for good go-to or comprehensive horse care books. I enjoyed Margaret Cabell Self's books, but they're dated. I'm also finding it hard to parse through the "I like ponies!" books (ie- the 'eyewitness' type series) to find the horses for people actually involved with them.

Also, any good books on training? Horse veterinary care?


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  • Greg B
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    1 decade ago
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    The best books on horse management and care are the US Pony Club Manuals of Horsemanship.

    And I loved Self's books as a youngster.

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    The best horse related book ive read is 'Be with your horse' by Tom Widdicombe,

    its an informational book showing/telling in a story- ish fashion (cut outs of this mans life with horses) the way of how YOU should be/act towards your horse.

    Its a verry insightful book that really shows you the things you do mostly un- knowing around your horse which messes up the relationship and holds back your training.

    it also makes things a lot clearer of what is needed for your horse and you to be able to work in a calmer, non- cofusing way.

    This is a horse training book in the way that it trains YOU how to get better results in any situation.

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    The absolute best books on veterinary care are the actual textbooks from vet schools. You can try online to find some used, and they are excruciatingly expensive brand-new. One warning, though--you will start diagnosing your horse with a new disease every day.

    Check online for Bloodhorse, the racing magazine. They have a book branch with a wide selection, and they have pretty regular sales.

    Also, try the Russell Meerdink Company, at Great selection of books and videos, full price, but if a book interests you, you can try to find a used copy online.

    For finding books online, try

    I've used it for years.

    Also, Ben K. Green's books. Great stuff, good reading.

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    The best books i ever read about horses were my 4H books maybe you could get a hold of someone to get some they have everything from training to basic care its awesome or go to half price books they have a great cheap section of the books you're looking for

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  • 1 decade ago

    This book is fantastic so far. I just started reading it

    The Undisciplined Horse by Ulrick Schramm

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    The RSPCA horse care guide is really good it has how to identify and prevent treat illnesses and how to buy a horse and how to do everything!

    Source(s): Ive got the book
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    The Heartland series is amazing ! It actualy teaches you natural horsmanship and natural medicine even thou its actualy a story. I loved it !

  • 1 decade ago

    I"m not sure if this is exactly what you're asking, but Seabiscuit was a reallllly good book

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