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Did I take a pregnancy test too soon, or is the test just negative?

I dont feel like myself right now. I am so tired, my breasts are tender, and I am nauseated. I took a test last night, but it was negative. According to my last cycle, if I were pregnant I would only be 3 weeks 4 days. Wouldnt a pregnancy test pick up the HCG at this time? My friends told me that it may not be able to pick up the the hormone at this time. My husband and I are going crazy. With my other pregnancies, I tested after the missed period, but I have been threw this twice and I know this feeling. Does anyone know if I tested too early?? Thanks so much.


I guess I should wait another week, and see if I get my gift from mother nature then. Maybe I am just stressing about it too much. If i am I am, nothings going to change it anyway. Thanks.

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    So 3-4 weeks according to your last menstrual period? That is the way that they determine how far along you are prior to a scan. However, keep in mind it all depends on when you ovulated. Most of us don't conceive the first day of our last period;) You may be a week or so gestational. I got my positive about 4.5 weeks-5.5 weeks. It also depends on your luteal phase (time between ovulation and flow). If you ovulated earlier in the month then you can expect your test results or period (which ever the case my be) sooner. Since we don't all ovulate the same time each month it's difficult to tell unless you are charting via BBT or OPK or combo and or checking CM. The Ovulation Predictor Kit if you hit it just right can definitely tell you when you're fertile. The Basal Body Temp charting can help in many ways to tell when you ovulated and when you may expect your period or be ready to test. Some women get a BFP (Big Fat Positive) as soon as 6DPO! However most of us it's at least 9-12DPO.

    This is because it takes 6-12 days for the fertilized egg to travel up the fallopian tube and implant into the uterine lining. Then another few days for the body to produce enough hCG to be picked up on a urine test. Also keep in mind that when you are fertile sperm can live up to five days max waiting for that egg! That is why we are most fertile 4 days prior to ovulation, the day of and the day after. Sometimes there is a second mature egg that drops and that is done 12-24 hours after the first.

    The more sensitive the test the better and you always want to try to use your first morning urine so the pregnancy hormone will be most concentrated. Also before you've had anything to eat or drink so as not to dilute the sample. I really like the Dollar Tree tests since they are only 5% less sensitive than the name brand early results and essentially the same as the doctor will give you.

    My rule of thumb though is there is always a chance if you still haven't gotten your full flow:) I tested a day too early with our first and got a false BFN. The next day I took a more sensitive test with my FMU and got my very faint BFP! You never know. I'd been sick to my stomach and already having dizzy spells but just thought that I had food poisoning lol. My breasts were fuller and killing me!

    The thing about pregnancy symptoms is they can be so psychosematic and so close to PMS its hard.

    I say test the day or so before your missed period or just wait a few days and try again. IF still a negative and no period get a blood test. The Quantitative Serum test is designed to measure the precise amount of beta in your blood and is most conclusive.

    Yes there is a chance you tested too soon:)

    Best of luck and blessings :)

    Source(s): mother of a 6yr old, 14 month old, fertility charting/research and been there!
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    I'm thinking I'm pregnant too but would be about a week ahead of you. I've had 3 negative urine tests and one neg blood test back today. I've been through this before as well so i know the feeling.

    My daughter didn't show up in ANYTHING until i was 6 weeks. I had 14 urine tests, 2 blood tests, 2 ultrasounds and a CT scan. The scans and bloods were all done at five weeks as i was in hospital with bad stomach pains. They couldn't find anything but took my appendix out as a precaution. A week later i was rushed to a different hospital with a suspected infection from surgery and a pee test was positive so they thought i was miscarrying. Turns out she was alive and well, they were surprised i was 6 weeks along and that she'd survived the op, the ct and all of that. It also turns out that the pain i was having was implantation pain (started around 4wks)

    I think once you've done it, you know how it feels. That's why i'm trying not to stress about the negatives i got. Sometimes it is too early. Each child is different. I've got a friend who did hundreds of tests and didn't get a positive until she was 14weeks! And another that got a positive a few days before her period was due.

    FYI the shop bought tests can only measure 25Iu/ml but you can get some online (and i think doctors use these ones too) that are 15Iu/ml.

    Good luck! Crossing my fingers for you xo

    PS although they say test any time of day, morning truly is more concentrated ;)

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    Most women don't get a positive pregnancy test for several more days, so your friends are right. You may very well be pregnant, although it's early for nausea to be showing up due to pregnancy. I didn't get a positive pregnancy test until the day before I expected my period, and most women don't get a positive pregnancy test (if they're pregnant) as early as First Response says it's possible. In case you didn't know, First Response is the most sensitive test available at stores. It all depends on when your egg begins to implant, which happens 7-10 days after ovulation on average. HCG begins to rise after implantation has started. Good luck!

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    No it is Not likely at all that your HCG levels are high enough to be detected at just 3 weeks pregnant.. you tested way to soon.

    I didn't got my positive until I was 6 weeks along and I have not really heard of to many woman getting their positives anytime before 5 weeks along.

    Source(s): Momma to a 7 month old and wife!
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    I always spend my half an hour to read this blog's posts daily along with a mug of coffee.

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    actually , if you are 2 weeks delayed, a test kit can test the HCG .

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    I'm curious as well

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    wait a few more days and retest!!!

    if still negative see a doctor

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