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how can i gain weight quickly?

I'm 16. I'm 5'4 and i weigh 95 pounds...

how can i gain weight quickly.PLS HELP!

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    Certain types of foods you eat can cause more rapid weight gain than others. Quick identification of these food types is critical to your grocery shopping and diet habits. Raising your personal awareness on these food types will allow you to avoid or incorporate them into your diet depending on your own person weight goals.


    Foods that cause the most rapid weight gain can be divided into two major categories that involve high amounts of either sugar, fat or sodium. High sugar foods involve simple carbohydrates that are used for quick, easily absorbable calories (energy) by the body. Sugary foods like sodas, candy, pastries and cookies are included in this category. Foods that contain high amounts of sodium cause the body to retain water and are also known to make you gain weight quickly. Some of these foods include salt, highly processed foods, canned goods and bacon. Fatty foods like cream-based soups, saturated fats and fatty meats also cause rapid weight gain.


    While some fatty foods such as fish and nuts can have beneficial ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, most rapid-weight-gaining foods don't. High sodium foods cause the body to retain larger amounts of water. This can result in bloating or large amounts of water gain within the body. Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed and, if they are not used in a short amount of time, are stored. This means that if you don't immediately convert a candy bar you eat into energy through movement, it will be stored very quickly. Simple sugars don't have to be broken down and are readily available for immediate energy and storage.


    Rapid weight gain from food is typically bad for your health. Foods like chili cheese fries, ice cream, white bread and others can slow your metabolism, clog arteries and put you at a higher risk for certain diseases. Processed foods such as canned food, white flour goods and foods including large amounts of preservatives typically don't provide good nutritional value. That means that when you eat these foods, much of what you get is empty calories that put on weight quickly.


    You wouldn't be alone if you thought that high doses of fruits in your diet is a good thing. While five servings of produce are recommended on a daily basis by the American Heart Association, 80 percent of that should be from vegetables. Too much fruit can provide your body with too much natural sugar, such as fructose. While too much of any food and not enough exercise can cause rapid weight gain, eating fresh fruits and vegetables that don't include added sugar or sodium is better than eating their packaged counter-parts. This means that fruit preserved in syrup and fruit juice, and even canned vegetable options are not the best choices.


    Rapid weight gain by eating foods high in sodium and sugar can put you at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes. The sudden spikes in blood sugar that many of these foods provide are another reason that those of you with diabetes should avoid eating them. Eating foods high in fiber such as whole oats, grains, legumes and wheat is a healthier option. Lean proteins from soy beans, fish and lean cuts of meat are better for you than fattier sources.


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    Source(s): Fast Track Muscle Building :
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  • 10 years ago

    At 16. You are still growing so grow grace fully, eat right exercise and enjoy life.

    Protein supplement may be good but there is nothing like actual thing(protein and food, all major group should be included tasted and enjoyed and energy from each bites must be harvested).

    Math is simple, eat 3500 calories more then you burn and you will have gained approximately one pound of mass. Eat 500 calories more every day and that will give you one pound of more mass per week. Add to the life style body parts specific exercises (abs/hips work out) and you will see the results that you may be wishing for.

    Some people can increase the height up to 30 years, so try that it will make the hips look little less prominent, so ride a bicycle, as much as you can, swim about 30 minutes every day do stretches, chin ups, or pull ups.


    Here is a little more info.

    Your Weight should be per this site:

    Follow this link:…

    Your weight should be per this site give or take 10 pounds.

    Must drink 1 gallon of water per day.

    Eat right, include all food groups per this site above. Do not exceed the total calories per day and eat at least 1500 calories per day every day.

    You must sleep up to 7 to 9 hours a day time permitting and including naps.

    Go for a walk every day for 1 hour,around your residence, start slowly(5 minute), to warm up then increase the speed a little till you can maintain a good clip then slow down to cool off (5 minute before the end of 1 hour). Do the walking in one direction for about 30 minutes then return home, may take little longer.

    Or look up total body weight free free hand exercises and do them for 1 hour every day. You find them in the library and on the Internet. They can be done at home does not need gym.

    Click on "minootoo" then click on "Best Answer" and read the relevant answers on Body building, weight and height.

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  • 4 years ago

    expectantly you desire to attain muscle tissue, now not fats, proper? develop your protein and carb consumption. Try to curb the fats. Work on weight lifting, and you may also desire to comprise protein shakes - the ones by and large have the quickest end result - however except you determine with them, it'll simply be fats. As some distance because the determine - do plenty of units, with few reps in every. this is helping bulk up the muscle institution. A individual teacher to your regional gymnasium would additionally provide you further recommendation. : )

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    10 years ago

    You might be doing to many sports which will make you lose weight. But try eating junk food, and eat healthy don't eat like you are saving the food for if the US runs out of money and we have no food left. Eat girl eat!

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  • 10 years ago

    you eat. thats how you gain weight. theres no other way to gain weight. eating is the only way.

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  • 10 years ago

    eat junk food den u will be a bit healthy :) den u will luk gud

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