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Which young QB would you most like to have starting for you?

*Sam Bradford

*Matt Stafford

*Jimmy Clasuen

*Colt McCoy

*Josh Freeman

*Chad Henne

*Tim Tebow

*Dennis Dixon

*Matt Ryan

*Matt Leinart

*Kevin Kolb

*Joe Flacco

*Mark Sanchez

I'd take Freeman, Flacco, Ryan, Bradford.

And then If I had to take one, I'd pick Bradford.

Unless my team had no run game, then I'd take big ole Freeman.

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    You must be a Bucs fan! I love Freeman too. Finally something to be hopeful about. For a guy who's supposed to be a QB guru Gruden sure did **** up with Simms.

    But onto your question. First let me narrow down the list.

    -Bradford - yes

    -Stafford - yes

    -As much as I love Clausen as a ND fan, I'm not convinced of his leadership, so he's off.

    -McCoy is too small for my liking.

    -Freeman - yes

    -Henne is overrated. He didn't do nearly as much as some of the others to deserve being a starter in the NFL.

    -Tebow would be my fullback, does that count?

    -Dixon I don't know too much about, so I wouldn't pick him, but I have heard that the team pushed for him to get the #2 spot during the offseason, so he must be pretty good.

    -Ryan seems too shaky. One week he'd be great, the next no so much.

    -Leinart no, just no.

    -I have no idea where all the hype about Kolb came from... Is there something I missed or do so many people just blindly follow what Peter King says? (how's Matt Moore doing, Peter?)

    -Flacco - yes

    -Sanchez is very quickly being ruined by Rex Ryan. His first read is check down. No confidence. The comparisons to Namath are schoking.

    So my narrowed down list includes

    Sam Bradford - I really love how in his first NFL start he revitalizes the career of Mark Clayton. Normally when you have a young QB you look to the TE. Easier read straight down field, weaker defenders on him, play develops sooner, safer pass. Bradford can be something special.

    Matt Stafford - I like Stafford's leadership, but I'd want to see him play with support from an offense that isn't the Detroit Lions.

    Josh Freeman - I'm a Bucs fan, and I'm biased, but this kid can play. He's confident. He'll spread the ball around. He'll make plays with his feet. He has fun. He reminds me a lot of McNabb. No nonsense, go out there, have fun, joke around, do your job, win football games.

    Joe Flacco - I'd say he's the most mature of my final four, which is a great positive. However, in terms of his play on the field, I'd say he's probably trailing the other 3 in this category. I'd love to see how he does this year now that the Ravens have surrounded him with one of the deepest passing attacks in the league.

    If I had to pick one right now it would be either Freeman or Stafford. Both showed great upside last season especially given the teams they were playing on. I'll bet that in the long run, Bradford develops to be the better QB, and Flacco will have the better numbers for a while.

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    Sam Bradford - I like him, he did well his opening game for the Rams

    Matt Stafford - Probably who I'd take. He's tough and improved the Lions by 2 wins

    Jimmy Clausen - I haven't seen him play in the NFL enough to know

    Colt McCoy - Just like Clausen

    Josh Freeman - I like him. Did well for a bad Buccanneers team

    Chad Henne - He's not very accurate, but hes promising

    Tim Tebow - I wouldn't really want a scrambling QB, and thats what I consider Tebow

    Dennis Dixon - He had some moments, but didn't play well against Atlanta

    Matt Ryan - He's playing with the elite. Maybe I'd start him.

    Matt Leinart - Nope. Big disappointment.

    Kevin Kolb - If he played like his first two starts then yes.

    Joe Flacco - He's a good player, I'm excited to see the Ravens use him more

    Mark Sanchez - 12 TD 20 INT? Not someone I'd want leading my team

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    The Sam Bradford bandwagon is getting absurd already. Mark Sanchez's first three games as a pro were far better than Bradford was last week, and now people are anointing Sanchez the next mega-bust and Bradford the next Peyton Manning. Patience young ones.

    But Matt Ryan is the only answer. He had one of the best rookie years for a QB since Ben Roethelisberger went 13-0. He can make every throw, is very accurate and makes great decisions. He needs to be more consistent, but he has everything you could possibly want in a QB.

    Joe Flacco is the only other guy on the list that should really be considered at all. Nobody else on that list has proven that they can be a consistently legitimate starting QB in the NFL. It's really that simple.

    Anybody that could in their right mind pick a QB that hasn't shown they can cut in the league (which is the case for all except Ryan and Flacco) doesn't know anything about football and doesn't deserve to waste our time with their expression of opinion on the matter.

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    1. Matt Ryan

    2. Sam Bradford

    3. Joe Flacco

    4. Jimmy Clausen

    5. Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy

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    Right now, I'd most want Flacco as my starter.

    If asked last week, I would have rather had Stafford, but I want to see him make a full recovery from that shoulder injury before choosing him over Flacco again.

    In 2-3 years, I hope my answer can become McCoy.

    The only certainties are that I don't want Kolb or Leinart unless the object is to lose games. The rest are at least decent (although Dixon and Tebow are barely at that tier).

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    Joe Flacco>MAtt Ryan>Chad Henne>the rest>Mark Sanchez

    Yes... I would pick Mark Sanchez last. He has plenty offense weapons to use. He had the lowest passing rates than most quarterbacks. I would rather to have Matt Stafford to toss the ball more.

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    1st Sam Bradford - smart guy knows how to take on pressure.

    2nd Tim Tebow - knows how to run with the ball under the pressure and have the guts to though the ball hard.

    3rd Colt McCoy - smart looking out the field but don't really know how to take on pressure. Still a decent QB without any of the pressure.

    I agree with you I'd picked Sam Bradford too if I had only pick one. but those are my top 3 list.

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    Sam Bradford

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    Sam Bradford for sure i would take Matthew Stafford but he is looking like he is going to be an injury prone QB but Stafford has determination.... after those two i would take Freeman

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    McCoy or Bradford. Both really good QB's.

    And definitly not tebow... He can only run with the ball or hand it off to the running back.

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