How do you feel about print media?

1) I have subscriptions to a/some magazines or newspapers

2) When I feel like it, I will buy magazines or newspapers from the checkout aisle at the supermarket/big box stores...

3) When I feel like it, I will go to a bookstore and get magazines of my choice.

4) I don't read print media, why buy the cow when you can get the Internet milk for free?

If you don't read print media, you don't read it because...

1) It is too expensive, and what's the point if you can get the same information for free online?

2) The bulkiness and the advertisement saturation annoys me

3) There is not enough interesting or useful content in magazines/newspapers

4) I find print media to be too biased/slanted

5) I am disheartened by modern reporting

6) It depresses me in some way

7) Other (please explain)

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    Subscriptions never made sense to me, and your poll is going to be skewed simply by asking this question on the internet, where people read blogs, news sites and online news at the touch of a button every day.

    Print media will not be replaced for a very long time, because people are tactile. They like feeling, not just looking, and holding a simple newspaper or magazine in their hands has so much more character than reading something off of your iphone. That's the one reason newspapers, although dated, old fashioned, biased, uninteresting and run by people with ideals dating back to the turn of the 20th century still survive in the times of today.

    Simply put: Human beings like to touch things. It's one reason print media still thrives. (It's also one reason the iPhone and iPad are brilliant, they've realized the same thing - Humans like to touch things) Cold internet reporting is still biased, slanted, it has the same disheartening reporters, the ads are still there, and it's not free. Just so you know, you pay for the internet - You always will pay for the internet, and you pay every site with banner advertising you visit on the internet money. The only difference is that the money flows in different ways, but don't fool yourself into thinking people are running sites for free, or that the journalism is any better or more partisan. If anything, the quality degrades online, and the same schmucks who are doing their magazines now are simply moving into a different medium.

    Also, don't think that you're "getting things for free off the internet". Every company that provides internet access also provides kickbacks to Government and private industry that is affected by internet and internet traffic. Simply put: You are paying for everything you get or do, you're just doing it in a more covert way than buying a magazine from the store. Feels good, doesn't it? You can assuage all your guilt for one monthly internet payment and delude yourself into thinking you're pirating things, or getting content that otherwise costs money in stores.

    Tell you what: I don't buy $60 worth of magazines in stores a month, I don't rent $60 of movies a month, I don't buy $60 in games a month. But I do pay $60 for my internet, which provides those services. Not really a rant on internet, but thinking news services online are free, more rich in content or better than print media is delusional. If anything, your content is poor because any dumb schmuck can put anything he wants on the internet and have it picked up by Twitter or any other social networking site.

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    I haven't bought a magazine in years because by the time it hits the shelf it's already outdated. I like looking at what's left of my old magazine collection. Plus, it's costly... 7 bucks for a magazine? And let's save some trees people!!!

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    I read local newspaper but don't believe much of it.

    I subscribe to a few magazines...mostly sports related.

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    i feel great actually

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