Does anyone have ideas for team meals?

The meal is a pre-game meal for a 7th and 8th grade football team. Some of the things already done this year have been lasagna, pulled pork and chicken fried steak. I'm trying not to duplicate something that's already been done, Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Po-boys like Subway except have all the fixins laid out and let them make there own. A good one would be one of the moms make a roast beef and slice it & one make a baked chicken and slice it. Or just do deli sliced meat and couple cheeses and some good hoagie rolls.

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    Baked potato bar with the works. Get big bakers wrap each in foil bake till done. Set up an 'All the fixins' bar

    * Diced ham

    * cooked chopped bacon

    * Diced onions or scallions

    * sour cream

    * cooked broccoli

    * Shredded Cheddar Cheese

    * Chili

    Monster Sandwiches- Use french bread or Italian bread & Slice into 6 pieces per loaf, use egg salad, ham salad, chicken salad or cold cuts as fillers

    Meatballs- can be made ahead of time, dumped in several different crockpots with different sauces, a beef gravy in one, sweet and sour sauce in another, marinara or spaghetti sauce in a third. Serve with rolls, salad.

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    Sonya's answer is great. any kind of "build it yourself" dinner is always popular. Another idea would be a taco or fajita bar with all the fixings but I really like the baked potato idea :)

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  • Pizza? ?_?..

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