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Illinois Unemployment?

I just heard for those of us on unemployment in Illinois that we are getting 99 weeks. Is that correct?

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    people who had previously applied for unemployment have had benefits extended, at this point, up to 99 weeks. That does not mean that new claimants are entitled to the same number of extensions or weeks of collecting benefits. You are guaranteed a first tier of payments. Additional extensions have to be voted on by Congress and they are not likely to continue to do so for another two years.

    You can find the information about Illinois unemployment benefit on the Illinois Unemployment web site. Give it a look.

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    No she wont, i'm sorry yet why could they pay her if she is totally in a position to paintings, yet has by no potential worked or held a job interior the US?! Unemployment is for people who've worked, held an entire time or section time activity for no less than 6 months (right here in Ma, a minimum of 6 months), yet have been regrettably fired or layed off via their business employer. THEN they are in a position to hold at the same time unemployment and if illinois has an earnings tax, you're to blame for paying earnings tax additionally on your unemployment, the state would not withhold it so which you would be able to desire to set aside some according to week. you additionally should maintain a paintings log, and do a minimum of three activity searches according to week to have the means to maintain receiving your tests.

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    Nope, not unless you're almost to your 99th week already.

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