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If I traded C.J. Spiller and Hines Ward for DeAngelo Williams, am I ripping the other person off?

Please answer,, I said it wont be a rip off... What do you guys think??

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    Yeah you got ripped off sorry. If I could give away Williams in my league for those two I would take it in a second.

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    I think it would be YOU who would be getting ripped off, Because Spiller is good and has a Bright future. I would trade Hines Ward for DeAngelo. I tthink that that would be a decent trade.

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    you're giving up too a lot. Jacobs isn't properly worth a commencing spot. he's harm vendors and shares consists of. look at it this way: Jordan and Foster maximum in all threat have the comparable quantity or extra factors magnificent now than Jacobs. to boot, i think of Chatman could have a great 2d 0.5. Williams is inconsistent yet he places up sturdy numbers. comparable with Ward. magnificent now Ward and Williams are your ideal receivers. Smith is extra inconsistent that Williams and Ward, branch is banged up, Bowe is a rookie, and Marshall is enjoying in a black hollow. you may get a extra efficient returned for those 3, yet I probable nevertheless does no longer do it. you have no longer have been given adequate intensity at receiver. i could try this although: Drop Marshall, %. up Evans.

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    C. J Spiller could be a sensation, i would go for the trade but at the end of the season you may regret it

    granted buffalo is awful (bills fan) he is good

    If the other person is for some reason willing, do this trade!

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    you are definitely getting the better end of the deal. deangelo is great, cj is unproven and has to compete with lynch and eventually fred jackson, and ward is old plus pittsburgh is not gonna be good this year. u should definitely make that trade, but i wud not say u r totally ripping him off.

  • 9 years ago

    I remember when Gretzky got traded, now that was a rip off.

  • 9 years ago

    This is the hockey section you tard

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