STIMULUS A OR B: A.Letting polarizing partisan lobbyists write spending bill, B.handing to firms based on %GDP?

Isn't the BEST STIMULUS always when federal money is IMMEDIATELY doled out to profit-seeking enterprizes based on their annual contribution to the nation's GDP, i.e. simple fast across-the-board tax cuts?

Can't Bill Gates do more to lower unemployment with $1 billion dollars than all of Nancy Pelosi's legislation-writing lobbyist friends could ever dream of.....and wouldn't these be good honest jobs that will more likely evolve into high-salary paying ones?

Should all the Obama-bot ideologues get out of the way of a 250 year success story that is just wants to continue?

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  • andy
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    1 decade ago
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    Actually, I prefer stimulus C, the government first freezes ALL additional spending then see what they can do not only to BALANCE the budget but to find extra to start paying it down then PASS legislation that requires them to have a balanced budget over every two year period.

  • 1 decade ago

    C) Send the money directly to citizens.

    Government "stimulus" is nothing more than putting back into the private sector what it took out in the first place, so by "stimulus logic", it would be most efficient to give it directly to the people.


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