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which phone should i get im with t mobile?

out of all of t mobiles phones right now i got my sights on the g2. coming soon but looks like the god of all phones. but thats just my opinion. i wanna get your thoughts on this. its gonna be the first hspa+ smartphone with a large internal memory and very fast speeds. great for gaming apping and texting. but i wanna know if this is the phone i should be getting considering it lacks 1 thing. video calling and my gf is getting the evo. sooo. idk. i know android market has alot of ways to video call on any phone but still. i guess its a trade for a slide out keyboard. my hands always click the wrong letter and it gets annoying.

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    If you can wait a little longer, get the Mytouch HD; it will have a FFC, according to "leaked" specs. The only drawback (and that's only if you mind) is that the Mytouch line is pretty much aimed at families/teens. Of course Tmo wont outright say that, but it is becoming fairly well known that Tmo doesn't usually release top of the line phones. (They couldn't very well reject the Vibrant, as Samsung was releasing the Galaxy S on all carriers, and they didn't choose the specs for the HD2) The G2 may be pretty good, but it isn't groundbreaking, save for the way the keyboard slides out.

    I dont hate Tmo, I am a customer myself. My point is just that in exchange for affordability on plans, you aren't going to get the Evos and Droid X type of phones.

    The G2 is probably going to be a decent handset (Im getting it), so you shouldn't be disappointed. I would also suggest looking at the Vibrant, tho. It has fantastic specs under the hood, and is only going to be better with FroYo (the newest version of the android OS). However, if the FFC is a deal breaker, it is the Mytouch HD that you want.

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    Go with the G2 or wait for the Mytouch HD for the front cam

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