Is there treatment to right-hand fingertips and mouth's right side numbness after a stroke now going 6 months?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why hasn't this person had any therapy to help them get back what they can? Depending on how bad the stroke was most people can retain allot. Since this person has just right sided numbness then it sounds as if they should have addressed this along time ago after they first handed the stroke. There are some medications that they can try like neurontin but it sounds as if this might be nothing more that can be done. Have you asked the neurologist about this? They would be the first person that would know if anything can be done. After 6 months there are still things that can be tried and I'm wondering why it hasn't yet been done. In the meantime have them keep moving the fingers by taking the fingers and touching them finger to finger as if they were counting. This will be hard to do at first but they need to keep repeating this until it starts to get easier. I'm not sure what to tell them to do regarding the mouth except to keep on trying to smile a little. Look in a mirror and keep doing this until you can see some movement. Perseverance and patience is what this person will help the most right now. Keep a daily log and write down how much they are doing day by day. These decisions to do this now for the movement will be the best things they could try. I hope they help and by doing this and taking this journal to the doctors to show them how you can be helped will show them that you can be helped more with a therapists help. This will also remind you of any questions you want to ask while there before you leave the office. Good luck and God Bless

    Source(s): ` nursing experience
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