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Illinois Unemployment benefits EUC Question Sept 2010?

My last week's IDES statement says I have almost exhausted my 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, that I will be notified "if additional benefits are available" and that I do not need to contact the IDES office.

HELP! I am scared! I thought Congress just passed an extension in July? I thought I would move onto the EUC benefits. Isn't that automatic? Are my benefits going to stop? I am only getting $256/week and if I even miss one week, I will not be able to pay my rent.

Can someone who RECENTLY went onto EUC in Illinois tell me their experience? Did you have to apply for it or did theu send you a letter? Thank you!

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    I'm not sure about your state, but congress passed the state benefit extension which would be different from emergency unemployment claim (EUC) and you wont be able to qualify for that until you have exhausted your remaining balance, Illinois could be different from Vegas check their online website if they have one. Here in vegas, I just finish my 26 week and refiled for the euc online, it said that I will receive a letter stating what I would be qualified for and for how long. Hope that helped somewhat.

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