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I need to know my taste in books - genres and authors. Help please ..?

Hello everyone :)

I don't do much reading, and it's been bothering me for a while now. I would really like to get into it. I'd LOVE to read books about the things I like, or maybe in my hobbies. I would also like to start reading novels. However, this is a deep sea which I need to know where and how to swim in.

So here's where you come. I need you to either advise me as to where to go or what to do to learn more about my own taste in genres and authors to get my self started. And if there isn't such a thing, and I actually need to go round this in the classic trial and error method, then I need you to suggest some good names in every good genre you know. I'm open to anything from Romance to Thriller (whatever that means in the world of books).

I've never really read anything in my life. Well not enough from one book to say I know what it's about. I use the internet both for entertainment and education. The exception being three or four of Cecelia Ahern's books which didn't really meet my taste, despite the author's brilliant writing.

Also, would you happen to know any good websites for free e-books downloading .. ?

Many many thanks in advance

Good day,


@ Joss: Thanks for taking the time. That's the problem I'm not all that much into movies because they don't stay long enough in my life for me to get attached to. Hence, the move to written fiction :) --- the Bourne trilogy is probably some the best TV I've seen ever ! ... However if you insist that I specify a genre, I'll go for Romance.

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  • Joss
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    10 years ago
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    The only real way to find out what you like to read is to pick up some books and start reading. Read the back cover to see what the book is about and then read the first few pages if you have to. I usually buy books based on what they're about. I also like reading books that have movies based on them. The books are usually 10xs better than the movie.

    What types of movies you like? If you like action then there are books with loads of action in them. If you like the Jason Bourne movie then I recommend the books. The last movie I saw and read the book to was The Ghost by Robert Harris. Loved the movie and equally loved the book. Figure out which movies you really like and see if that movie was based on a book and then you can read the book.

    Saying that you like everything isn't helpful. At least tell us what kind of tv shows and movies you like or what books you've read in the past and really like. You can also see what's on the best sellers list and pick up some of those books. The thing about genres is that there are MANY sub genres, lol. There are many different types of romance and you might not like all of them. There are different types of thriller and you might not like them all.

    ADDING: I'll tell you up front that I'm into the cheesy Harlequin romance. I love Romantic Suspense. See there are different types of romance. Maybe the harlequin site can help you fin some romance. Romance is HUGE and there are many types of romance, including genre romance, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, etc. I usually read what the book is about and if it's something I might be interested in then I buy it. Or, figure out which books you might like and check to see if your library carries them.

    Harlequin is the largest publisher of romance, btw.

    It's hard for us to advise you if you don't know what you like.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    There are absolutely millions of books to chose from, so I can see your point. You should check out your local library and browse the shelves, if there's a title that catches your attention, read the blurb or the first page, if you find them somewhat gripping then give it a read and try another in that genre.

    If there's any films or television programs you like you could search for the books, I've always found the books far better than their film adaptions as you become even more attached to the characters and films have to miss a great lot of detail so the movie doesn't become too long or will even change entire parts of the story to make it more exciting or agreeable to an audience.

    You could check out Project Gutenburg:

    It has all the classics online for free as the publishing rights have expired so you could check out old romances, poetry, horrors etc from the comfort of your own home.

    You can check bestsellers lists, see if your friends/family have any books to recommend, look at reviews/summary plots on websites like Amazon (a great place for cheap books!) and many other online stores to see what appeals to you.

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  • 4 years ago

    Neuromancer by way of William Gibson - super sci-fi waiting participant One by way of Ernest Cline - speedy-paced futuristic journey Replay by way of Ken Grimwood - analyze to the action picture Groundhog Day Swan music by way of Robert McCammon - horror heart formed container or Horns by way of Joe Hill - horror to declare no longer something of the canine by way of Connie Willis - scifi, humor and British Beggars in Spain by way of Nancy Kress - scifi The Contortionist's education manual by way of Craig Clevenger - analyze to Palahniuk Falling Angel by way of William Hjosrtsberg - horror, secret, previous type detective novel whilst i'm in desire of latest authors, I take a glance on the awards given for the genres i admire. Hugo and Nebula for scifi, Stoker for horror.

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