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Im upgrading and i am selling a starter kit. i bought a $300 starter kit and was wondering how much it would go for. i barely used it because theres a much better guitar and school i can play and was going to get one. how much would it go for? it also comes with 10-watt amp,picks,ect

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  • 1 decade ago
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    O.K .... sounds like you paid retail. So ... if you are " true to the music " and the joy it has brought you, I'd sell it for between $ 125.00 and $ 75.00. Remember the person your selling it to is most likely starting out. So " Pay it Forward " so to speak. You'll feel better for it!

    Source(s): Playing guitar for over 40 years
  • 1 decade ago

    I'd keep it. Most guitarists have 2 guitars. If you become serious or join a band you could leave the good one where you practice together and use the other for practicing at home. Would save alot of hassle. And a starter amp is always good for practicing at home because it's small and light. Unless you need to be heard over other people a big amp is a bit pointless until you're sure you're gonna use it to it's full. But that's just me.

    Source(s): A horder and Owner of 2 guitars and a bass
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