Java Development Kit?

Does anyone know how to use the newest version of the Java Development Kit? I can't figure it out for the life of me. Please help!


I have already tried the pointers from Java themselves

Update 2:

Basically what I am trying to learn/teach myself is how to program a java application so I'll have the knowledge before I take my Java Programming class in about 10 weeks.

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    What do you want to know? Or what are you trying to achieve? Have you already installed the JDK and is it showing up at the command line? We need more information to be able to advise you.


    There are 2 ways to go about this. One way is to install the JDK and compile Java source files from the command line. The other way is to install an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and use that to create and compile Java source files.

    As a beginner I think it is best to practice making simple programs by writing them in a text editor and compiling them on the command line.. and for this you will need to download and install the JDK. Installing the JDK will automatically install the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) so that you can also run the programs from the command line.

    You can download the JDK from here:

    After you have downloaded it and installed it to the computer then open the command prompt. You can now test to see if it was installed by typing the following commands:

    // to find out if the JRE is installed

    java -version

    and also

    // to find out if the JDK is installed

    javac -version

    Do this first and then you will be ready to move on to the next step of compiling java programs.

    To compile a program from the command line you navigate to the same directory as the source file and enter:


    And to run a java program from the command line you enter

    java MyJavaProgram

    // notice that you do not include the .class extension

    The course you are doing may want you do it another way.. so before you do any of that you may want to find out what their requirements are... i.e. they may want you to use the Eclipse IDE, or the Netbeans IDE. So if possible I recommend finding out what the requirements are, before jumping in at the deep end. Good luck and have fun!

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  • 3 years ago

    The mac has a java ecosystem in-built yet there in no longer some thing that enables your to create code aside from xcode. Its on the gray discs that have been given right here with your mac. Eclipse is a miraculous application and that i used have used it for all of my java comp sci training.

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