definition of batch operating system?

i want systematic definition of batch operating system

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    1) Batch operating system is the operating system which analyzes your i/p and groups them into batchs .That is data in each batch is of similar characteristics.And then it performs operation on each individual batch.


    Batch operating systems could only execute one program at a time. The operating system maintained a queue of user programs which had been submitted and were waiting for a chance to execute. Each user program which needed to execute was called a "job". A human "operator" watched over the queue with the ability to move some jobs to the front or back, or kill a job which got hung or ran too long. Some users had higher priorities than others.

    The Batch operating system uses a batch file during the boot sequence, the batch file contains all of the boot info..

    One difficulty with simple batch systems is that the computer still needs to read the the deck of cards before it can begin to execute the job. This means that the CPU is idle (or nearly so) during these relatively slow operations.

    Since it is faster to read from a magnetic tape than from a deck of cards, it became common for computer centers to have one or more less powerful computers in addition to there main computer. The smaller computers were used to read a decks of cards onto a tape, so that the tape would contain many batch jobs. This tape was then loaded on the main computer and the jobs on the tape were executed. The output from the jobs would be written to another tape which would then be removed and loaded on a less powerful computer to produce any hardcopy or other desired output.

    It was a logical extension of the timer idea described above to have a timer that would only let jobs execute for a short time before interrupting them so that the monitor could start an IO operation. Since the IO operation could proceed while the CPU was crunching on a user program, little degradation in performance was noticed.

    Since the computer can now perform IO in parallel with computation, it became possible to have the computer read a deck of cards to a tape, drum or disk and to write out to a tape printer while it was computing. This process is called SPOOLing: Simultaneous Peripheral Operation OnLine.

    Spooling batch systems were the first and are the simplest of the multiprogramming systems.

    One advantage of spooling batch systems was that the output from jobs was available as soon as the job completed, rather than only after all jobs in the current cycle were finished.


    1) DOS (Disk operating system

    2) IBM OS/2

    3) Windows 1,2,3 95, 98 and ME

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    Batch Operating System

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    Define Batch

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    definition of batch operating system?

    i want systematic definition of batch operating system

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    The problem of early systems was more setup time. So the problem of more set up time was reduced by processing the jobs in batches, known as batch processing system. In this approach similar jobs were submitted to the CPU for processing and were run together.

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    Mainframe. Sequential processing of large amounts of data - batch processing.

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