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Can I file I-90 Form to renew green card if I got my card before i was 14?

I was having some confusion about filing form i-90 to renew my green card so I went to the local USCIS office to file it in person but the person sitting at the service desk told me that I have to file it online. I told him that I don't know my Class of Admission or Date of Admission, my card is lost and expired and that the instruction for filing the i-90 form online outline that you are not eligible to e-file this form if "Your card was issued to you before you were 14 and you have reached your 14th birthday".


He told me not to worry about all that and I can still file it online. With hindsight, I should've asked someone else at the office, but should I listen to this guy? Does he know what hes talking about?

My card is lost and expired, but I know my alien registration number because I written it down a long time ago. I got my green card when I was 8, I am over 21 now.

If I have to file it by mail, any advice on the filing process? Please don't just refer me to the filing instructions, it's not that helpful thats why I am asking here.

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    If you cannot understand it or get lost get an aila lawyer to assist you

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    If USCIS told you to file it anyway, then file it. He probably isn't giving you bad info. It seems to me that e-filing is not allowed for you because those that are under 14 when they received their green card may have their information in a separate database. I dunno, but I couldn't think of another reason.

    I don't have any advice for you about filing it by mail because I've never had to (I'm a natural-born citizen). However, the instructions are not hard at all.

    If in doubt, just call USCIS and they should walk you through the mailing process.

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