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Who can better determine where a small business should spend money... 0baama or the business owner?

0baama's tax manipulation specifies HOW a small business can take advantage of these "cuts"...

Who knows BEST how a small business should improve their business... 0baama or the business owner?


Earth... I agree... let SMALL BUSINESS do what they do best and GET OUT OF THEIR WAY!!!

Like the 1 year tax holiday... talk about a REAL stimulus!

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    We agree once Jimboo. I do not need equipment right now. I need people with a little cash in their pocket to spend 10 bucks on a work out while they are on vacation. Or a few hundred to charter a boat. I want a payroll tax holiday.

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    They aren't small business if the big cheese is telling them what to do & how to do it. Even if they pay all the fees & Taxes, before, during & after the transactions.

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    Disrespect for the Office of the President (and for the democratically elected President Obama) is unpatriotic during war-time...but then you know that, I'm guessing. As a former Psychology major, I would suggest you might examine your latent need to be derogatory towards others in order to make a dissenting point---this might reveal a deep-rooted insecurity that is in need of some nurturance. As a life-long student of Metaphysics, I can tell you that use of the 0 symbol in front of the Obama surname is an indication that you recognize his God-like powers---the 0 means "I am the Beginning and the End" (i.e., God). If you happen to be interested, the President's name has special meanings: Barack ("handsome little one"), Hussein ("blessed by God") Obama ("haven" or "little beach").

    The expiration of the deficit-causing Republican tax cuts for the wealthiest 1.5% of Americans is pending at the end of this year, thank GOD (speaking of, and President Obama wants to STIMULATE jobs creation by giving small business owners two different tax breaks, one a CAPITAL GAINS TAX CUT for hiring any workers who have been long-term unemployed or for giving raised (and thus increasing consumer spending that GROWS a shrunken economy) to their existing employees; the other a waiver on Social Security taxes for employees hired for up to six months (which increases the profits for the small business owners). Why oh why are you against job creation for American citizens?

    These INCENTIVES are targeted for specific use, and the small business owner can OPT OUT if he or she does not want to have capital gains tax cuts or a waiver for Social Security tax deductions. If, however, they wish to have a handout paid for by taxpayers that is TARGETED to improve the economy by creating JOBS, then they have to play by the rules set up for getting this handout. The same would be true if applying for a grant at college or in the business world---rules have to be followed in order to get that grant. What do you have against playing by the rules that PROTECT consumers and provide a system of CHECKS AND BALANCES, pray tell?

    President Obama and his team of EXPERTS (including Paul Volcker, who is head of his economic advisory team) would "BEST" know how to improve the economy by establishing incentives to the hiring engine of our economy, small businesses, through these businesses owners. The owners would be focused more on their profits, but the PRESIDENT is focused on the nation as a WHOLE and on the well-being of ALL of this nation's citizens! And the President's proposal is ultimately PAID FOR because of the targeted usage. Just how would you pay for the one-year-tax-holiday that increases our deficits by cutting down on our INCOME?

    Source(s): Joshua Picker (2009), "Before the Bush Recession: Supply Side Tax Cuts Failed To Deliver on Jobs and Income Growth Between 2001 and 2007." Washington D.C.: Center for American Progress.
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    Obama lasted all of 5 days actually working at a Baskin Robbins , that's all the real world experience he has , so what does Obama know about anything except for agitating the masses .

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    We have no need for small business owners anymore. obama can run all businesses for us while eating lobster, smoking cigarettes, swinging a golf club, and flinging gratuitous insults at John Boehner. Yes, the messiah is just that good. All hail.

  • 9 years ago

    If we had real freedom in this country then the business owner.

  • 9 years ago

    The glorious party of workers and peasants. From each according to their ability, to each according to their need.

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    9 years ago

    Obama knows how better to run your life than you do.

    That's why he's President.

    He's smarter than you and know how to spend your money.

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    9 years ago

    Neither Obama or any one of his flunky advisers has EVER run a business.

    They know nothing but classrooms.

  • 9 years ago

    Repugnantcan spin.

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