Metric Measurment and Conversion in Chemistry?

In my Chemistry class we are doing a metric measurment and conversion course. I missed how to convert the measurments and don't understand how to convert them. Like cm to mm and such. How do I get a mathematical conversion to another metric unit for volume, length, temperature, ect? Here is an example question. : Measure to the nearest cm your height. If it was 162 cm how do I convert that to mm? If someone could explain or have a website for help that would be great. Thanks!

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    Well the system i was taught was KHDBDCM. We used a mnemonic device to remember it.

    King Henry Died By Drinking Chocolate Milke

    King Henry Died By Doing Crystal Meth

    Whichever you prefer,




    B=Basic Unit(Meters in this case)




    For your problem you convert it by looking at where the Unit is on the device and look at where the other one is then count over how many spaces it took to get there from one unit to the other, then move the decimal point to however many spaces it was.

    Answer: 1620mm

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