I need help boosting my Boomkin DPS?

heres the link to my druid.


im only pulling like 4-5k dps and i cant figure out whats wrong but with a 5765 GS i should be pulling something higher shouldn't i?


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    1 decade ago
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    Try to prioritize Spell Power and Crit over most other stats. The more you crit the more eclipse procs your looking at, the majority of your DPS comes from having a continuous eclipse rotation. Always remember there is a 30second internal cool-down for both parts so try to use the full potential of your nature's grace to force the other part to proc, the starfire one is easy as wraths are so fast, the one that buffs wrath is harder to get so try to push the occasional starfire coupled with natures grace to get a quick crit out to force the eclipse. Once your critical strike Chance is high enough you should be able to efficiently rotate between the two parts of eclipse which should see your DPS go up a hell of lot. Obvious little notes keep your Cool-downs rolling, Treants/Starfall etc.

    Also your glyph choices are kinda bad for DPS, try switching over to Glyph of starfall (quicker it comes off the more DPS your gain), Glyph of Focus (self explanatory), and Glyph of insect swarm (the hit chance de-buff of the glyph would only effect PvP). The minors aren't as important but the best to utilize your druid is Glyph of Wild, Glyph of unburned rebirth and if you pick up typhoon like I do Glyph of Typhoon.

    Source(s): Played Druid since Classic WoW and a employee of Hexigaming.
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    Yes,you should make it higher with these stats.What is your attack priority ?

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