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How long does it take to lose two inches off your waist?

Hi :) I want to lose two inches off my waist. I see ads all the time saying "how to lose an inch off your waist in a week!" but I know that's totally unrealistic so I was wondering ideally, how long would it take if I stuck to a plan to lose those two inches? Also, any suggestions on what exercises to do? I'm not going to diet because I'm vegan so I already eat healthy daily. I'm also already thin so I don't care about losing weight, I just want to tone out and lose only around the waist. Thanks! :)

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    1) you cannot target fat loss

    2) you can target tone

    3) Cardio to lose fat

    4) Eating healthy and eating to lose weight are not the same thing

    4) Just wanting to lose inches off your waist is a silly goal as this depend on your bone structure ie (hips ... )

    5)And from your profile pic you look skinny/small as posted so um the only thing I would suggest is some muscle toneing (Crunches, situps, some jogging, sprinting a few times a week, some light weight lifting) All great things to tone and look lean and smaller.

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