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Contact Lenses and BPA: Are Contact Lenses Safe?

The news has me concerned about my BPA exposure considering the fact that I do not want to turn into some sissy because of its estrogenic effect. Are my contact lenses and cases safe? I use acuvue oasis lenses and a rite aid leak free contact case. Let me know. My life sucks knowing all this stuff. It's making me anxious.

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    More than likely your contact lenses ARE made out of Bisphenol A. Your contact lens solution is fine as long as doesn't have the recycling number "3" or "7".

    I have removed my contacts and am wearing my glasses until I am able to locate BPA free lenses. I am also concerned about the effects of this (amongst others) endocrine blocker.

    You won't turn into a "sissy", but BPA can have an effect on sperm production, male pattern baldness, and obesity. Also, if you're concerned about this "xenoestrogen" you should look into the parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and the "phytoestrogen" soy.

    A great website is http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/

    Source(s): Mom to a 15 month old boy. (I worry about his little man bits).
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    definite they are risk-free yet you may get some which you will placed on for 30 days then despose or dailies. I even have blue eyes and actually suited the brown and green. in case you have dark eyes, gentle colours arent fairly cautioned as a results of fact the replace, if any, would in basic terms be very reasonable. attractiveness colored lenses are a bathroom standard shape (no longer made to in fantastic condition your eyes in my view) so as that they could be a sprint uncomfortable. additionally, on no account sleep in them or placed on them for long sessions of time.

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    You should be fine as long as you follow the directions as prescribed on the contact solution bottle.

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