What should I do for the science fair?

I want something really original and awsome so I can have a good chance in winning an award in the regional science fair. I'm not asking you to do it, just like some ideas or examples. Mine has to have the usual, a project title, problem statement or question, hypothesis, detailed procedure, bibliography(atleast 5 sources), and a correct ISEF category Selected. It's not due til like the end of March, so I have A LOT of time. I don't want to do anything TO hard, since I'm only a freshman with no car or money..so I think I only have 2 questions.along with this, 1. Where can I find the sources for the bibliography? 2. What category does it fall in? Thank you so much for your time:)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As a plant ecologist, I do a lot of research involving seed germination, which is 100% botany. You could collect any sort of seeds (acorns, water plants, just about everything is in seed this time of year, assuming you're in the northern hemisphere) and find out which conditions favor the best germination.

    Do more germinate in a specific kind of dirt or sand? Do they germinate better after they've been soaked in acid, dipped in boiling water, or frozen or refrigerated to simulate going through a cold winter? Does germination depend on a specific level of moisture or humidity, or perhaps germination is increased when one type of seed is mixed with seed from another species?

    Generally speaking, the more seeds you have, the more replicates you have in your experiment and the more valid your results. For sources, I'd go into Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com/schhp?hl=en&tab=ws) and search for germination studies on various species, perhaps taking a look at what the author did for some ideas. The key word "germination" should do it. Your local library should also be a great resource, and may be able to give you access to online journal collections such as JSTOR or EBSCO.

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