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UTI's once a month, peeing 90% blood? Bigger trouble?

I get urinary tract infections about once a month. Lately, it seems as though my infections cause me to pee more blood than urine for about 48 hours. My doctor keeps prescribing me Bactrim because I can't tolerate a stronger antibiotic like Nitrofur. She is growing rather concerned, and wants me to come in when I don't have a UTI for another pee test - to see if there's blood that I can't see in it. I think I might have kidney stones, but I'm only 20 years old. Is there something wrong with my kidneys? I don't want to pay for another doctor's visit if it's unnecessary. Thanks!

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    Most of the time when you have a UTI there's blood. It may look like a lot when you pee, but it's probably not. If you had kidney stones you would know...they hurt like hell. The doctor wants to check your urine when you do not have a UTI and when it is not around your period to make sure that you are not producing blood any other time. I had this problem for a while (blood in my urine) and then it just went away.

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    i've been using silver hydrosol for mine (colloidal silver.) it's working very well, it's an antibiotic developed by nasa for astronauts, but it's been used for centuries.

    the brand i use is Sovereign Silver, it's available at Fred Meyer (Kroger, QFC, Ralph's) and it's the water (not the gel.)

    Google colloidal silver or silver hydrosol to learn more, and don't believe the hype about argyria, that only happens to idiots who make it themselves, make it wrong, and use way too much for many years.

    cranberry extract also helps me, i'm trying to alternate between colloidal silver and cranberry extract so i don't end up with resistant bacteria.

    Otherwise I don't know of any evidence that it's harmful, but some people say when they use it daily for a while they feel kidney pains, but that's pretty rare from what I researched.

    Works very, very well for my UTI problems.

    EDIT: If you are peeing blood, you should see a doctor immediately, before trying anything I mentioned. That could mean kidney problems!

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    You have to suck it up and keep going back to the doctor until this issue is resolved. You should always follow your doctors advice. I'd take this very seriously and wouldn't even think of not going back.

    If you have kidney stones it may only be due to a bad diet high in salt and not drinking enough water. I'd bet you'll be fine, but only if you deal with the issue.

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    If you are wearing thongs... these cause UTI's... so toss them and get back to the panties. Also, kidney stones cause more pain than being in labor, so if you're not bent over double with pain, I doubt you have a kidney stone. Ask your Dr. about Levaquin a great antibotic... albeit pricey!

    Meanwhile... have the Dr. visit... best to be safe and be seen!

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    it could be very severe. regardless of if it is Parvo, it assaults the lining of the digestive tract it could convey approximately loose stool & bloody stool & dehydration and this is deadly. The Parvo Virus assaults very at as quickly as, so each and every hour counts. Giardia is yet another threat nonetheless the indications are often a sprint diverse - yet in spite of this each and every dogs is a sprint diverse and those issues could have a tendency to ensue while the dogs is under pressure (entering right into a clean abode... a visit on a airplane or in a truck/automobile... a stay in a kennel... Parvo & Giardia unfold right now the place there are multiple dogs which comprise kennels & so they are able to happen even at solid breeders and are rampant on the worst breeders & puppy generators. often a severe ailment will expend the immune device of the dogs and permit different illnesses to happen... So the bloody stool could be one element (Parvo) and the bloody urine could be yet another (Gastrointestinal an infection as a results of the dogs's weakened immune device from loss of sleep/nutrition etc.) yet even regardless of if it is merely yet another form of an infection or allergic reaction it could nonetheless harm the dogs long term so have it regarded into via a vet at present day. do no longer attempt to handle it at abode. Many over the counter wormers or drugs supposedly designed to help dogs have their very own part outcomes that could properly be as severe as neurological or liver injury. Vets could have get admission to to "actual" drugs which comprise Pancur for Giardia and ... I overlook the call of the single for Parvo... yet at any value, the substantial area is to freshen up all the bloody stool so it can not infect you or different dogs and get him to a vet.

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    If you are peeing blood for 48 hours, you need to see your doctor. it's never unnecessary when blood is present.

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    do like your doctor says and go in when you don't have a uti there's something going on that needs to be addressed.

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