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Why would Tennessee want Albert Haynesworth back?

I don't understand why would they want him after they had on the roster before? Plus they see how he is acting out on the Redskins. Why would you want a player like that? What could be the possible reasons? Who happens to his 100 mil contract if the Titans do get him?

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    I see your point. The only reason why the Titans would want Haynesworth back is so they could fill in the spot that Kyle Vandenbosch left. Remember Vandenbosch when he was there, helped the Titans tremendously with their pass rush. Now it seems they have a gaping hole in the middle where he used to be. The thing about Haynesworth is, its obvious that he is lacking motivation due to the huge salary. I think what happened is, the money he received went to his head, so he felt he could do whatever he wanted to. For one, he was overpaid. They should have paid him less so they could get more worth out of him. Secondly, the Titans might want him because he was a success with the Titans. He had 24 career sacks with the Titans, and 229 total tackles. So he has talent, but I think the money was a part of the problem as to why he is playing so poorly. The Redskins guaranteed him the money which meant, whether he played or not they had to give it to him.

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    Well, the Titans did great with Haynesworth. In fact, when they had him they had the best record in the entire NFL that year. Also, I think Haynesworth felt comfortable in Tennessee, but he just went for more cash with the Redskins. I don't see the Titans paying a ton for Haynesworth or giving up high draft picks for him, especially because they've got pretty good players for that position already. The Titans were paying him about a fifth of what the Redskins are paying Haynesworth. Are they interested in him? Yes. But they're not going to pay or trade a lot for him. And Washington doesn't seem willing to get rid of him for a fraction of what they are paying for him in a "fire" sale. Most likely Haynesworth will stay with the Redskins or just get plain let go. The price for Haynesworth is too steep for the Titans to pick him up. If they got him at a descent price I'm sure the Titans would take him, but not for a 1st or 2nd round draft pick and $100 million. Try more around the lines of a 4th round draft pick and about $28 million.

  • Well to answer your question about the 100 mil contract, the Redskins have already paid most of that Signing Bonus money so the Titans won't have to worry about that. They would want him because he was only of the best Defensive Tackles in the game when he was there. They also know who to motivate him and the system fits his style perfectly. The 3-4 doesn't fit him at all because he is not a nose tackle. I won't say he was a model Citizen in Tennessee but he did play well so I would want him back but only for a 4th round draft pick or lower.

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    Although he has been replaced there, he may be better in their defensive scheme.

    The D-line Coach has worked with him before, and may be better at dealing with him.

    As for his Contract, the Redskins are on the hook for the guaranteed money, not the Titans.

    It would be like the Redskins paying him to play for the Titans.

    Yes, it sounds crazy.

    But look at "Housh" with the Ravens; THEY are only paying him League minimum, but Seattle is still paying him over 6 million dollars, because of the guaranteed money in his contract!

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    Albert Haynesworth doesnt like it in Was, there forcing him to play DT and he doesnt like it one bit.

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