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Where Did William The Conqueror Build Castles?

hiya!! I'm doing my history homework right now and I need to know where did William the conqueror build castles? Also What was the advantages and disadvantages of using wood? And What materials were used? Thanks :)

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    Archaeologists believe that in the first 20 years of William's reign, the Normans built as many as 500 motte and bailey castles throughout England. Check out this link:


    Early Norman castles - like the one William the Conqueror built as soon as he landed in Pevensey to protect himself and his closest advisers - were simple defensive structures: an earthen mound (or motte) crowned with a wooden palisade, the bailey, with maybe a keep at the centre of the structure.

    They were quick to erect - William added two more at Hastings and Dover before he ever moved towards London and his coronation - and could be held by a small garrison against comparatively superior forces. Motte and bailey castles like these sprang up all over the country, housing garrisons of Norman knights and men-at-arms, who were able to defend themselves and served to remind the English that resistance was futile.

    Despite their imposing positions and solid construction, these early Norman castles with their wooden palisades and keep were more vulnerable to attack than castles built from stone. And in the tumultuous years following the conquest rebellions and uprisings were frequent, and castles were often under attack.

    A popular tactic during dry spells was to fill the moat with straw and brushwood and set fire to it. The smoke would drive the defenders from the battlements, and eventually the wooden palisades would catch fire, weakening them enough to make them yield to a battering ram.

    So towards the end of the Conqueror's reign, many of the early castles were being rebuilt in stone and extended.

    Keeps became larger and more elaborate. Styles varied, round shell keeps and square tower keeps being the most common.

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    The conquered Saxons and Celts were a warlike (and resentful!) people, having been conquered. William gave huge estates to his loyal Lords and they had to build castles as strongholds, to defend their new holdings. These would be built on a hill or "motte" and surrounded by a moat filled with water. There would also be a mighty Portcullis and a drawbridge which could be raised. In fact they were pretty impregnable against any enemy of the time. They were also a status symbol , meant to impress the local populace as no building of such size and scale had been constructed in England before this time.

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    Pevensey Castle was his first when landing on the shores of Britain. The castle was built using plain rocks and rubble, they dug a dry ditch around the castle though to protect it from being invaded because Williams invasion did not have time to reenforce the castle.

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    Norman castles were built all across England on land William gave to his lords as thanks for helping him conquer England. In return, they were expected to hold the land in his name to protect it from invaders. The most famous of these castles is the Tower of London. They were a big improvement on existing castles, which were mostly mott and bailey castles (a wooden tower surrounded by a field with a fence surrounding it). The Norman castles were built of stone, and were much larger and better designed for defensive purposes.

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    Windsor Castle (the Round Tower) & the Tower of London were built by William.

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