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How do you keep your toddler entertained while home schooling your older child(ren)?

I need some suggestions! Thanks


I do try to involve my toddler in the home schooling process (giving her crayons and coloring sheets, etc), but at times she becomes more of a distraction and my oldest child loses focus.

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    At the moment we are trying to keep him involved. ( He's 4 so not actually a toddler ).

    We are doing a theme for the first few months of school this year. The theme is The Middle Ages. So, it gives us plenty to work with for all grade levels. The 4 year old so far has learned the names of different parts of a castle, built a castle in the living room, dressed up as a knight, colored many king and queen pages, watched Robin Hood ( Disney ), ....Well, you get the point.

    I try not to say " Go away, so we can do school." If the big kids are doing math, I'll give him a math sheet. When he gets bored I'll let him play online games or watch PBS or go outside.

    I try to keep the teaching part of the day ( when they are learning a new skill ) at a time when he is occupied with something else. For instance he LOVES Elmo at the moment, so when Elmo comes on I use that time to devote purely to the big kids.

    It's definitely a balancing act. I don't want him to feel left out, but I know my other kids need more one on one time than he does.

    When he was really small I would use his nap time to get things done or have Daddy watch him a few days a week upstairs while we had school in the dining room.

    Don't despair. This phase doesn't last forever. :)

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    You can try a very cute coloring app, very like fingerpainting, named Live Colors for Kids:

    You can color the pictures or draw yourself whatever you want, You can also mix colors in the mxing tray and get new tones:

    It's targeted at 0-3 year kids and it's free now.

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    I homeschool my 12 and 10 year olds and have a toddler (she will be 3 later this month) and a 4 month old infant.

    I have a box of toys that are only brought out during school- that keeps them new and exciting for her. She usually plays with items from that box while I am giving direct lessons. And, she also is allowed to watch a couple of toddler television programs while we are doing school in the morning- so Bob the Builder and Ni Hao, Kai-Lan keep her somewhat occupied while they are doing independent work.

    She also participates somewhat- she will sit and listen when I, or they, are reading out loud or sit at the table/counter and color. She joins us on field trips, and can do a lot of the activities we do to some extent- arts and crafts, music, science projects.

    They are free to do some of their lessons in alternative locations, as well- this morning, my daughter was laying on the trampoline outside reading (the weather was beautiful). They can go in their rooms, if necessary, but it usually works without us having to MAKE the older children or the toddler leave the area they are in.

    I try not to alienate her during school time, because she actually picks a lot up just from being in the same room we are in. And, for us, education is not limited to certain ages, times and places- I try to instill a lifelong love of learning in my children.

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    V is right, if your only goal for your toddler is a mushy brain, and to stay "entertained" and not be a "distraction" why not just use the TV all day. Its confusing, that you'd want to home school - hopefully to educate one, while sacrificing the education and mental growth of the other.

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    I used crafts to occupy my youngest. You know those big white mural sheets you can get from craft stores? Went through tons of those. Finger painted footprints and hand prints and used sponges. She painted rocks and other random stuff she'd find outside.

    We got her a chalkboard and she had her stuffed animals lined up and pretended to teach her *kids*.

    It can be frustrating if they really just can't be amused but the good thing about homeschooling is you can take a break- finish later.

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    Give them toys and make them watch tv. Food to play with.

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    Hire a sitter during those hours. Your older child deserves your full attention when it comes to education. Eventually, your child will be old enough to engage in an activity long enough for you to watch her and teach the lesson. This will also give your toddler the adult attention she craves. She probably gets jealous when she sees you giving so much attention to her sibling.

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    I give the younger ones art projects to do. I incorporate them into our lessons best I can, when I can.

    For some lessons I take a blanket out to the park (across the street from our house) or into the backyard and we have lessons on the blanket outside while the others play.

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    OOOpppss. Another reason to not homeschool. Ignored toddlers that get the message that they are nothing but a pain in the @$$.

    Here's the link to homeschooling category - for some, homeschooling is not parenting:;_ylt=Aklwm03VUL...

    Hey, I don't go over to the homeschooling category and thumbs down people - if it continues, perhaps I will ; )

    Hey, the categories are separate for a reason - but boundaries are a bit of a challenge perhaps? That has been my experience with the homeschoolers I've encountered.

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    that's part of homeschooling... learning how to deal with distraction... it's a great lesson for your older kids to know how to tune out unwanted noises and stuff... and it also teaches them how to priorities... how to multi task... how to care for others... all that is valuable stuff... goor job!

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