benefit fraud will i go to prison ?? help me please !?

I have lived alone for nearly 10 years i have 2 sons 9 and 1. There father has all ways had contact and all ways bought the kids anything they have needed. 5 yrs ago i had major back surgery and i have been registered disabled. i have allso got clinical depression and fibromyalga . I am unable to work. I soon fell in to debt with not working and i was declared bankrupt in 2007. Over the years my family have helped me alot with my needs and my children. Though now in the last year or so things have got difficult and i have been left to try and managed on my own . I can not tell you how hard it is ...impossible some days. I have a debt welfare advisor and she has managed to get me some benefits. but 3 days ago i got a letter from housing benefit saying that i have to have an interview under caution as i have not told them about a partner living with me. That is not true. I have been single for all most 10 yrs. My 1 year old was a plesant accident with my ex ,i had a drink while on large amounts or pain killers morphine but we decided to keep the baby and forget about what had happened between us. We are best friends. i have become more ill recently and my sister who helps me has got a job so can not help out as much and my chilminder has stopped as her farther is very ill. so i have been almost alone. My ex travels all over the world and dose not have a fixed abode as he is all ways in hotels. when he comes to see the children he stays over and i go to my mums for rest bite. my home is happy my kids settled but some how im breaking the law ?. i also have been targeted for getting a mobility car some man called me and said his tax pays for my f ing car?? i have lots of my other benefite looked at as someone has called them saying im claiming things im not entitled to. I have been to the police and reported all of this along with my car been scratched. i also now have the neighbours from hell who have beaten up my 9yr old 3 times and they have partys and when i walk out my door there are about 10 young lads around 16 yrs old calling me names and give me abuse. . So me and my boys are scared ,due to this my ex has stayed more as we are afraid .the police say that if they go to them it will make things worse . I dont see how. I am now terrafied i have broke the law by letting my ex stay (seperate rooms)(or im at my mums ). I dont want to go to pison for fraud. I can not sleep or stop crying i have tried to contact over 30 solicitos they either charge to much or do not deal with things like this and c a b are inpossible to get in contact with. I just want to curl up and die,its only my sons keeping me here. If i go to prison i will die as i could not bare to be away from my boys. i have got information an advice off the net but its not very reasuring. My interview is in 2 day . Someone pleas help me im out of my mind and worried sick .


I have just finished 3 courses and i start my 4th in a week or so . i am not work shy im ill and not just with fibrmyalga or depression but my back spinal cord and damaged back nerves. I am not trying to claim anything im not entitled to and i dont have a great life as im still skint after the bills. as for my ex living with me thats crap !!! he is better than alot of fathers in this country hes dam`d if he dose show interest in his kids and hes dam`d if he dosent ....i cant win with some of you people i need good advice and help not abuse.

Update 2:

I have just given the council 4 weeks notice to quit and me and my boys are moving into my mums i can not hack it anymoe been on benefits and in a council house i feel like im a sitting duck some one is allways trying to shoot me down. I have also got in contact with all my other benefits and told them to keep it the stress harasment its just not worth it.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Dont listen to that first reply, it was mean, that person didn't even read your story! Well I did and Im so sorry I can't help because I know absolutely nothing about these things! Be strong....for what it's worth...probably not a lot...I'm gonna say a little prayer for you and your boys right now. I hope your interview goes ok.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The first question is are you guilty. If not then don't plead guilty. Have you been charged or even investigated? If not, then stop now and pay back the money. If you have been charged it's likely the evidence is strong. If you plead guilty early you will receive a reduction on your sentence - your solicitor will advise you about this and given you are probably entitled to legal aid their services should be free. If the evidence is strong you may be better off pleading guilty as this may be the difference between a community punishment and custodial sentence. Be prepared that you will get little sympathy from anyone given tax payers (yes I am one) because you have misappropriated public funds intended for the most vulnerable in society. If you are guilty you should be ashamed of yourself.

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  • Lex
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    10 years ago

    It really depends on the individual arbitrator but really your post....with all respect...sounds like a roundabout excuse as to why your ex does live with you and that's against the rules. Most areas have free or low cost legal aid....check with your welfare advisor.

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  • HD
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    10 years ago

    relax, you won't go to prison. the worst that can happen if you're found in violation is you'll have to repay the $ you've received. but, if he doesn't live there you have nothing to worry about, you're allowed to have overnight guests on occasion.

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