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Spiritually speaking: Say another sinner infant was born, but 3 days later was dead due to pneumonia, the ..?

... questions are: What was the point? and Where did s/he go? ... [Spiritually speaking, of course]

If s/he went (or will be sent - for those of you who love to nitpick) straight to heaven, without ever exercising her/his Free Will, or be given a chance to prove her/his spiritual mettle/worth by accepting Jesus, then why did s/he physically come to be at all??? ... Is dying at a tender age = a free pass to heaven? ... Is that fair to the rest of us spiritually struggling sinners? ... [Remember, according to Christianity, the 3-day-old dead infant, was just as big a sinner as the rest of us!]


If s/he didn't (or won't) go to heaven, then why was she denied the chance at a fuller life, and an opportunity to spiritually redeem her/his spirit, for all eternity??? ... [Again, speaking from a strictly spiritual point of view.]

PLEASE BE FAIR PEOPLE; does ANY of this make any sense at all --- even in a purely spiritual context???

I know this is a sensitive subject, and I thank you all for your heartfelt and thoughtful answers.



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    Anyone who gives an answer of knowledge is either a boldfaced liar or insane because spiritually no one knows, however, realistically the dead body goes where all others go - to the grave to become worm food.

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    What you feel is good, everyone should feel that way. No one is born a good person. We are all born sinners. Even if you don't actively do bad things, you are still bad because you were born with the disease of sin, but so was I. So was everybody in the world. What's good about you is that you realize that and do find it something worth fighting for, which gives you the chance to be redeemed. If you realize that you are a bad person who can't stop without Jesus, and you *want* to change and stop being that bad person, then ask Him(Jesus) to give you a new heart and His Holy Spirit and you will be a new person. You have to actually feel sorrow for your sins though, where you literally feel so bad and know that you need Jesus. Nobody is irredeemable, but some are too stubborn to admit they are not a good person. Great question!!

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    Just my personal belief here, but I believe the infant went where all of us are going. So either way, it's spiritually fair (but not in the way that s/he didn't have a full life though).

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    First, ultimately salvation in Christianity is the work of God and it comes out of his grace, mercy and love. I'm good with that.

    Second, the Bible is basically silent on infants. I am more than willing to leave this matter in God's hands. As a matter of fact I leave all judgment to God.

    Gen. 18:25Will not the Judge of all the earth do right?

    Third. Just a little CS Lewis quote.

    "We do know that no [one] can be saved except through Christ; we do not know that only those who know Him can be saved through Him."

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    First of all, unless we are living in sin and have not given our lives to Christ then we aren't living under sin. As children of God sin is dead to us and we are now alive in Christ. Excepting Jesus into our hearts makes us pure and when God looks at us he sees nothing but righteousness and perfection. Yes, we still mess up and still sin but we are living for God and that's why Jesus died, to cleanse us from that unworthyness. So no, babys are not born as sinners because they are children of God and they don't have a contiousness of right and wrong. We are all called to be like children.

    In my opinion I think God sent that baby to earth as a ministry to possibly bring people to him. Maybe whenever this baby died the parent had an eye opener and realized what the meaning of life was and who we were truley suppose to live for.

    email me. lets talk.

  • I Know
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    People are not born sinners.

    We are born with a sinful nature with a propensity to sin.

    Once you know what sin is (the age of accountability), you will sin. Then you need to ask Jesus for forgiveness.

    Babies and anyone who cannot reason (mentally challenged) will return to God upon death.

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    There's an interesting Grimm Brothers fairy tale called Godfather Death. The explanation in this story is perhaps as good as any.

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    There are so many great mysteries like this in our world. I think the truth is that no human can give you an accurate answer to that question. They may spout off some beliefs to you, but in the end... none of us really know anything!

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    We're all born in sin so unfortunately, the infant suffers eternally in hell.

    (Christian Theology 101)

  • FROG E
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    We are born with a sin nature....which means we will eventually sin.

    Babies have not yet learned right from wrong.....they are in heaven.

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