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Are states like California, New York, and Massachusetts part of the United States?

I always tell people that Middle America is the only place where freedom exists. Those blue states in the Northeast or the West Coast are socialist and remind me of the Soviet Union under Stalin. I refuse to travel to these communist strongholds.

Are blue states even part of America?

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    The American Revolution started in Massachusetts. The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the battle of Lexington-Concord. JFK, the man who stared down the communist Khrushchev and led us through the most dangerous parts of the cold war, was from Massachusetts.

    NYC invented the modern free market and is home to the largest private corporations in the world. If it's a socialist nightmare, why does the private sector love it so?

    Massachusetts, New York, and California are the oldest states and have the most history defining the USA (yeah, CA was the 31st state - still older than most of the midwest). They're also the richest, the most educated (Harvard, MIT, Cornell, UC Berkely, Stanford... the list goes on and on), the richest, and have to the most fortune 500 companies. They've produced the majority of our great leadership through the USA's history (Adams, Coolidge, JFK, TR, FDR, Reagan, etc).

    Incidentally, they receive less in federal befits then they pay in taxes. Whereas the Midwest lives off of taxes collected on the coasts, then pretend they're fiercely independent. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. How do you think your highways get paved, and your military bases get installed? Cornfields aren't enough to pay for that stuff. Who's the socialist?

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    Um... was there some civil war that I didn't know about??? Of course we are still part of the U.S. The Constitution says we have to be. Isn't that what the Civil War was all about. We don't have the right to secede! Also, I find it interesting that those who are the most voiciferous about gay marriage and homosexuality in general are usually the ones in the closet! They must figure that the more they denounce homosexuality, the less chance that people will suspect them of being gay. Really, how does gay marraige affect your heterosexual marriage? You forgot one far left cause. Disaproval of Shrub! Oops, the rest of the country is with us on that one. Only about 25% (1 in 4) of Americans think he's doing a heckova job! Besides, considering it from an economics standpoint, California has an economy that rivals the rest of the states put together. Also, Californians recieve far less that a dollor from the Federal government for every dollar it puts in. This means that you need us more than we need you.

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    The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin was a very bleak place. There is no comparison to California, New York, or Massachusetts. All three are definitely a part of the Unites States of America and between them they have a lot of electoral votes.

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    Those states generate all the wealth, even if you want to argue that it's vis-a-vis exploitation of "real America".

    In this sense, it would be "your" states that most resemble the Soviet Union under Stalin, and the blue states would resemble the kremlin and those locations where the soviet elites wined and dined on the people's tab.

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    Are you serious? I have been born and raised in one of those states. It's a great place to live though I didn't always appreciate it until I went to one of the red states. I came back to my blue state. I won't live in a red state where animals are abused and people are lazy.

    If you are from a blue state then it's easy for you to succeed in a red state b/c the red staters aren't as well educated as blue staters We blue staters know what work is. It's the truth. I was told this by fellow blue staters the second time I moved to a red state. He said you will do well here b/c of where you are from. It was true.

    You should come here to find out if your beliefs have basis in reality. I went to a couple of red states to live to see if my beliefs had basis in reality.

    Shooting animals? It doesn't happen like it does in the red states. We bring our pets to the vet and we keep them indoors. We spay and neuter. We have low cost spaying and neutering programs. We have a lot of rescue groups. We bring in animals from the midwest and south b/c we can.

    Someone I know moved to a red state to come back to the blue state b/c of what he saw with how people treated their pets. He was horrified.

    We have police protection here so help is on the way in a few minutes - not hours.

    Crime is higher in urban areas b/c of high density population but also b/c this state is business friendly. It comes at the expense of people. It could be worse.

    I'll take my blue state over yours every single day. It's not perfect but it's better than yours.

    Criminals go for the easy targets so if you are smart and paying attention then you should be fine. Just don't walk alone at night or in the dark without a buddy. It's not difficult.

    Our gun laws are tough but people do carry guns here.

  • Anonymous
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    I'm starting to wonder if the red states are. They all have a bunch of tight, regimented, God fearing robots who do exactly what the elected leaders of the nation feed them. They remind me of a cult with a militaristic, good ol' boy network, forget you, you're wrong and I'm right, do as I say and not as I do pedestal dwellers. You say we're socialist in NY - and you are outright alien compared to us. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the states you've mentioned have a good education system...

  • Anonymous
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    If you have never traveled to the states in the northeast, how can they remind you of anything? I lived most of my life in Massachusetts and I can tell you it is NOTHING like the Soviet Union. You cons are such wimps.

  • Anonymous
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    They might cut their HUGE losses

    buy losing Washington DC.

    They'd never have to pay for the drug prisons

    and illegal invasions that cost so much now.

    The Red states deserve ALL the credit for the wars and prisons-

    why not let them take it all?

  • Toledo
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    No, they are part of the common wealth of Americaruba, I thought everyone knew that.

    What are you going to obtain by dividing this country more? A better division for you?

    I smell a bad catch of the day.

    I hate partisan politics.

  • 1 decade ago

    You should be ashamed of yourself for such comments. Even the KKK would not say such a thing. Peace

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