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how do i tell my parents that i'm emo..and that they have to be cool whit it ?

well right now I'm about to change the way i dress,but i have to get my money from my mom so can't change. she dose not like when I where black or scowls, and another thing is that my cousin tell me like "look at that emo " or ask me if i cut myself ,,

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    Listen dude, buying all that **** doesn't make anyone emo. I am not one to judge, so I don't like it when I see people trying to label themselves like that.

    Anyways, just tell them calmly, but chances are no matter what you do if they don't like that kind of crap then they aren't giving you anything.

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    mm. well.

    i used to dress kind of "goth" when i was going through puberty.

    Just say they're making a fuss out of nothing. You just want to express yourself.

    Think about it first. You can have the style, but you should try to look nice and presentable, and be clean too. Try being yourself as well.

    Dont call yourself emo, unless you wear the make up, do the hair, and all the weird clothes, kiss other boys and avoid working out.

    Just ignore what people say. Be confident about the way you dress. Im sure you'll grow out of it when you're older...

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    Explain that being emo is a life style its not about hurting yourself to feel good I'm emo i where bright colors i don't give a **** it's not always about wearing black or scowling it's about other things based more on emotions and the type of music you listen to be yourself his is me i became this way not by choice but by life actions. Don't think of being emo as going goth or being punk or rock star and sk8r it really doesnt matter what you are be you

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    9 years ago

    I can't really understand that you're making the conscious decision that you would like to be an "emo" kid.

    I thought that was just something that happened with all the teen anguish in the world. Guess I didn't realize it was a planned out kind of thing.

    Isn't that going against the point of being an emo kid?

    Just a thought.

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    Emo is just an image. Is this for attention? If this is the way you want the world to perceive you, have at it. What an unflattering way to be you though. You have so many other choices. Maybe a therapist. If you really love this emo thing, then hey not even your mother can stop you.

  • Kelsie is so stupid, he asked how to look it not act it. God is everyone stupid now a days???

    Anyways, black skinny jeans and a plain white shirt always looks good. Or a black shirt with some regular skinny jeans. You won't actually look emo with this stuff unless you have the hair. No parents like it when their kids look emo. Mine sure didn't, and they still don't.

    Or you can buy the clothes and only dress emo when your not around your parents. You could easily hide skinny jeans under baggy jeans no problem.

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    why are you labeling yourself?

    whats wrong with people?

    why does everyone feel like they need to be labeled. why cant you just BE YOURSELF and not put a label with it.

    Dress the way you want.. but dont do it because you think its cool because other people are doing it. this is called being a follower

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    9 years ago

    Well, you certainly seem to have life all set out for being successful and i also see women flocking to your awesomeness.

  • 9 years ago

    Please grow up. I beg you...

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