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can anyone give me a good deck list for a synchro deck?

i made one but its not good....

here are the synchros for it though and 2 fusions at bottom...

black rose


red dragon

blackwing dragon

thought ruler

majestic red dragon

majestic star dragon


junk archer

junk destroyer

stygian destroyer

colossal fighter

iron chain dragon

Dragon knight draco-equiste

Ultimate axon kicker

The synchros work and all but i just need a list..

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    I feel Dragon Knight Draco is a **** card, but if you want to use it, that's your choice.

    I made this extra deck from your cards and some extras.

    [2] Stardust Dragon

    [2] Black Rose Dragon (3 is overkill in my opinion)

    [1] Thought Ruler Archfiend

    [1] AoJ Catastor

    [1] Colossal Fighter

    [1] Iron Chain Dragon

    [1] Ultimate Axon Kicker

    [1] Goyo Guardian

    [1] Brionac

    If you have a Junk deck

    [2] Junk Destroyer

    [2] Junk Archer

    If not, then

    +4 Extra Synchros/Fusions, unless you want to use Draco.

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