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Has there been a good romantic comedy this year?

I've seen Leap Year, The Back Up Plan, Valentines Day, and the Bounty Hunter. I personally didnt like any of them. (some were worse than others). Last year, the rom-com 500 days of summer came out and I absolutely loved it. It avoided cliches, it was funny, the chemistry was great. This year, these romantic comedies seem to be increasingly predictable, cliched, boring, and lacking in chemistry.

Why is this? Have you seen any rom-coms this year that you enjoyed?


I might see Going the distance, because I think the R rating might work well

Update 2:

I saw the Kids are All Right and I loved it, but I wouldnt call it a romantic comedy. More like a family comedy-drama to me. (I say family because its about family, not because young kids should watch it with their family)

Update 3:

and I also saw When In rome, which I hated. The switch seems alright. I like Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston is sometimes good (not in the bounty hunter)

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