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Is a Honda CRF230F or Yamaha TT-R230 good for me?

I am in the market for a new motor bike, and I am 13 years old, 5' 2", and 140 pounds. Would a Honda CRF230F or Yamaha TT-R230 be good for me in about 6 months, when I'm 14?

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  • FC11
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    10 years ago
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    If you want to ride a bike that size at the age of fourteen i can tell you to start hitting the gym firstly, I've been told if you have a upper body strength its better for riding when your short. I personally don't think either bikes are good for you because their just big bikes but i'd have to pick a Honda CRF230 F, I suggest though you look for smaller bikes because in 6 months i don't think you'll be that much taller.

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  • horth
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    3 years ago

    those 2 motorcycles are very comparable in all respects. rather, they are going to hold out very close to to a similar, have comparable effective aspects and overall performance. in case you're no longer brany unswerving to the two Honda or Yamaha, toss a coin is how close those would be. in my opinion, I desire the Honda over the Yamaha ... yet that's in basic terms me (never had plenty luck with yamaha myself, yet a number of my acquaintances swear by them???). i got here upon an fairly sparkling '04 CRF230 that i offered for my 21 y/o daughter and that i detect myself employing it for all time to envision on my cattle & fence strains over my KTM race motorcycles. the two certainly one of those has a mushy means band, wonderful older technologies which makes them very low maintainence (oil differences & sparkling air filter out, clean gas) for many hours on end of path driving. the two is a robust selection for a mid sized play / path motorbike. as quickly as you step up any extra suitable interior the CRF line, they circulate to severe extreme overall performance, greater maintainence and better value. i'm undecided relating to the Yamaha. %. which colour you like is what it rather comes right down to between those 2 motorcycles... solid luck! and that i'm 6'3" 270lbs and the CRF230 has a brilliant number of means to do enormously plenty any trails or creek crossings, and many torque to lug around...

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  • OU812
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    10 years ago

    About 5'6" is the perfect height for those bikes, but all you can do is throw a leg over one and see how it feels. You can always go with the CRF150F if the 230 is too tall.

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  • 10 years ago

    sounds to me like your out of shape. to be honest i would recommend a 110. because of your height. in order to ride effectively you need to be in pretty decent shape. a 230 would be too much for you.if you were 5'6 you would probably still have trouble putting your foot on the ground. so go do some more research.

    Source(s): 10+ years of riding.
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