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Make your own award show?

As some of you may know the BET Hip Hop award show is coming up soon. Unfortuanately, mainstream runs the show and the really great music gets overlooked. So I want you to build your own award show. I'll give you a few categories and you chose the nominees. The nominations must be between August 31st 2009 to August 31st2010.


Song of The Year:

Collabo of the Year:

Album of the Year:

Artist of the Year:

Rookie of the Year:

Lyricist of the Year:

Producer of the Year:

Put 4 nominees in each category. The list with the most TUs will be RHH's official list and we'll vote for the winners later on.


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    Song- jay electronica-exhibit C

    --runners up--

    Refl eternal- strangers

    Big boi- general patton

    Roots-doin it again

    Album-the roots- how I got over

    Runners up-----

    Fashawn-boy meets world

    AOTP- unholy terror


    Collabo- yelawolf, jay electronica, raekwon, paul wall- Live It

    Runners up-----

    Game feat jay elect- higher

    Vinnie paz feat beanie sigel-kill em all

    Kanye feat jay- power remix

    Artist-Black Thought

    Runners up-----

    Kanye west


    Black Milk



    Jay electronica

    J Cole

    Meek Mill



    jay electronica

    Black thought

    Joe budden

    Producer- Just Blaze


    Lex luger

    Kanye West

    Black Milk

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    9 years ago

    Song: I F*cking Hate Rappers, Shutter Bug, Rock Bottom

    Collabo: My Generation, I F*cking Hate Rappers, Born Survivor

    Album: How I Got Over, Album Of The Year, Manifesto

    Artist: The Roots, Big Boi, Black Milk

    Rookie: Freddie Gibbs, Fashawn

    Lyricist: Bun B, Fasawn, Inspectah Deck

    Producer: Andre 3000, Kno, Daz Dillinger

  • Song: How I Got Over

    Collabo: Deadly Meadley

    Album: SLLF

    Artist: The Roots (with Wake Up being released)

    Rookie: Fashawn

    Lyricist: Fashawn

    Producer: Black Milk

    I'm just puttin one

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    9 years ago

    Song: I F*cking Hate Rappers - PackFM

    Collab: Strong Will Continue - Nas & Damian Marley

    Album: MiC K!NG & Chum WERE Cool-Aide

    Artist: The Roots

    Rookie: Iron Braydz

    Lyricist: Iron Braydz, iCON the MiC K!NG

    Producer: Kno

    Source(s): Only have time to name one.
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    i do no longer see what the concern could be. all the minority communities get their very own scholarships and award exhibits. So why no longer? regrettably, a great element of our society feels that with the aid of previous heritage minority communities could settle for preferential treatment so as to offset the previous. I say, permit all communities of people have award exhibits and do what they choose for.

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    9 years ago

    nah, havent been up to date on dis year's music, but i will star, collect my 2 points and read the other answers

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    9 years ago

    Song of The Year:Kanye west power remix

    Collabo of the Year:Drake ft Jay-z light up

    Album of the Year:Rick Ross-teflon don

    Artist of the Year:Rick Ross

    Rookie of the Year:Waka Flocka

    Lyricist of the Year:Game

    Producer of the Year:Lex Luger

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