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Why does 0baama hate small businesses?

The JOINT COMMITTEE ON TAXATION report that if the Bush tax cuts on "the rich" are repealed, that 50% of small business income will be subject to INCREASED taxes, and that 900,000 small businesses employing millions of people will see 13% higher taxes


candy - you are factually WRONG... the entire bill for BOTH Iraq and Iran over the NINE years is less than a trillion... LESS than barry's CURRENT deficit of 1.4 TRILLION

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    He wants everyone in the world to be an employee at "His" WorldGobment Walmart, & he gets to set the wage-benefits-location-your job, hours, & gets to pick out the department heads from among his radical buddies..

    You can have a "bake-Sale or Lemonade-Stand" whenever you want, (as long as you pay the $250 for a permit & agree to have health inspections) ... (yet illegals can sell bags of oranges unfettered) so no, he's not against that small of a business.

    Unless or course, you're illegal, a minority, or Muslim, then you can do anything you want, anywhere you want, or it's a "Hate-Crime" by those who object or complain.

    See? ... He's "Transparent".

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    Because the republicans are stalling two bills in the senate to promote lending to small businesses and write offs for expansion equipment sales and he has already signed legislation giving them tax breaks for hiring. The premise of your question is a lie. The Bush administration with these tax cuts have the lowest rate of job growth than any president in a century. People can not afford to buy goods with the jobs sent overseas for cheap slave labor by corporations who are currently receiving tax breaks. Small businesses do not hire because they get a tax break if demand is down. The argument just like this question is a lie.

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    Obama lasted all of 5 days certainly working at a Baskin Robbins , it is all the actual international journey he has , so what does Obama understand approximately something aside from agitating the masses .

  • He's going to raise their taxes and then give them a small business tax break to get some of the money back.

    Only the left swallows that kind of tripe.

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    We ARE tired of paying Protection money and Not Get Any, in fact just opposite is happening.

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    The smaller the business the smaller the taxes, the less he has to spend!!!

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    I just spent twenty minutes looking through reports for what you are claiming, and I couldn't find it. Can you steer me to it? Is this the right link?

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    For the same reason he hates disabled and retired Americans, he doesn't like competition. He wants to own everybody and everything. The taxes are the least of your worries, everybody knows it is the regulations that prevent small business from growing, thriving, or evening having a chance of opening.

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    He does'nt realize that while small buisnesses may make $250,000 a year many of the store owners have to spend 95% of it on new stock. He is destroying America.

    Source(s): Lots of Family memebers with small buisnesses.
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    Good question. I can't get over the notion that liberals have that people who earn 250 k a year are rich....earn is the key word here. Unlike welfare rats, the 250 k a yearers have to pay for what they get, what they do for their kids, like education for example. Liberals like to turn a blind eye to facts.

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