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Iran And Nuclear Weapons...?

I'm writing a essay for a International Relations class, and our discussion is over, of Iran had nuclear weapons, would Iran pose a threat.

In our essay, we have to include 2 terms,

- Pragmatic, meaning you do something in order for something in return


-Dogmatic, meaning you stick to your beliefs.

Now, im against Iran having nuclear weapons because

-Iran is very unstable country with a weak government

-To many ties to terrorist organizations, who would use the Nuclear Tech against US and our allies

-The extremist would cause Chaos in order to bring the 12th Imam

ANY help would be greatlyappreciatedd,especiallyly with the two terms i provided. I have a pretty good start, but I do love hearing any other opinions. Thanks

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    Hey, good luck on your essay. Here's my opinion and some addt'l info for you. By your own question and comments regarding it I can see you are already highly studied up.

    It is not just Israel (and America.. and Europe) that doesn't want Iran to have nuclear capability, it is much of the greater Middle East as well, Iran's own neighbors. They are already fending off Iran in proxy wars one way or another. Iran sponsors suicide bombing, and suicide bombers have requested a small nuclear bomb (which doesn't have to be delivered in a missile/rocket/warhead,) No country is immune, we've all had suicide attacks. They blow themselves up and anyone else they can take with them.

    The Middle East and the rest of the world is just so highly unstable. Those countries that have nuclear capability right now need to remain stable, while countries trying to acquire nuclear capability need to be prevented from acquiring it. Many countries already have nuclear capability. This "status quo" has served our world fine until now, and a disturbance in that status quo, with Iran acquiring nuclear capability and becoming the ninth nuclear powerhouse, as Achmedinijad requested his desire, will mean that Iran would now be worse than a "wild card" in that equation. A wild card is not predictable, but with Iran, they've made their intentions clear by their support of terrorism and their desire for regional and global dominion by being the ninth nuclear powerhouse. The status quo would undergo a powershift.

    The Islamic Revolution that started in Iran in 1979 has made no mistake about where their intentions lie. During the Iran-Iraq war, the Iranians sent thousands of their children into the Iraqi minefields to clear them so the adult soldiers could pass. Those children were armed with "plastic keys to paradise." Iran beheads, stones and supports terrorism and suicide bombing and they are seeking dominion over their Middle East neighbors and other parts of the world. Nobody wants to have a nuclear armed Iran except Iran's equally radical allies.

    "The Escalation of the Conflict During Ahmadinejad's Presidency

    With Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's rise to power in 2005, the conflict reemerged, with greater intensity. Ahmadinejad reverted to Iran's previous policy of anti-Saudi hegemony, by pushing the export of the revolution, and promoting a messianic Shi'ite vision that stresses the imminent appearance of the Mahdi and the reestablishment of the great Persian Empire. In his second television appearance following his election, he said: "The message of the [Islamic] Revolution is global, and not restricted to a specific time or place. It is a human message, and it will move forward. Have no doubt... Allah willing, Islam will conquer. Islam will conquer what? It will conquer all the mountaintops of the world." --Memri.org

    Hamas In Their Own Voices


    Youtube thumbnail

    Rome Will be Conquered, [and we will] spread thru Europe in its entirety and then will turn to the two Americas, and even Eastern Europe -- Yunis Al-Astal, Hamas MP & Cleric, Hamas TV 4/13/08

    The Saudis are funding the opposition to fight off and overthrow Bashir who is funded by Iran. (Iran, Sudan Leaders Meet KHARTOUM, Sudan, Feb. 28, 2007) - CBS News

    "Saudi Arabia responded by increasing its support for the Sunni minority in Iraq, for various Muslim and Christian forces in Lebanon, and for others who were confronting Iranian threats in their territory (e.g. in Yemen, Sudan, and West Bank)." - Memri.org

    Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has condemned the recent arrest warrant for the Sudanese President as 'politically motivated'. Mottaki said in a Thursday meeting with the Sudanese parliament speaker Ahmed Ibrahim al-Tahir that certain political reasons including the 'disintegration' of Sudan were behind the arrest warrant for the President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi on Thursday condemned the ICC's move, calling it "unjust!". Qashqavi said. -- RushmoreDrive

    '"Iran is the No. 1 world sponsor of terrorism," said Richard Clarke, ABC consultant and former national security official.' - ABC News

    "U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is criticizing Iran for promoting terrorism and trying to intimidate its neighbors and others in the Middle East.Clinton says Iran poses a serious potential missile threat not only to Israel but also to the United States' European allies and to Russia." - AP

    Jordanian University Lecturer Ibrahim 'Alloush Suggests Sending Suicide-Bombers Armed with "Small Nuclear Bombs" to Israel

    Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) - May 13, 2008


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    Well, the first thing to do would be start using your brain. The IAEA have inspected (and continue to inspect) the Iranian nuclear facilities, and have found no evidence that enrichment of uranium beyond the 5% required for energy purposes. Uranium must be enriched to around 95% to make it suitable for a nuke, and the radiation produced would make the location of any such material glow like a candle on the IAEA detection equipment. There have been a considerable number of false flags & fake documents produced which purport to show Iran is seeking to build a nuke, all of which have been proven to be about as credible as George W Bush's "WMD" claim over Iraq. Even Obama made a tit out of himself, when he claimed the plant at Qom was kept secret by the Iraniand because it was being used to develop a nuke. Except it isn't. The Qom plant, if current descriptions are accurate, cannot manufacture the basic feed-stock (uranium hexaflouride, or UF6) used in the centrifuge-based enrichment process. It is simply another plant in which the UF6 can be enriched. Why is this distinction important? As I said earlier the IAEA has underscored, again and again, that it has a full accounting of Iran's nuclear material stockpile. There has been no diversion of nuclear material to the Qom plant (since it is under construction). The existence of the alleged enrichment plant at Qom in no way changes the nuclear material balance inside Iran today.

    Simply put, Iran is no closer to producing a hypothetical nuclear weapon today than it was in 2007, when the USA's own Defense Intelligence Estimate stated that it could conclude "with high confidence" that Iran had ceased any plans it had to develop a nuke no later than 2003.

    Just because Fox news says Iran is dangerous doesn't mean it's true. Look up such unsavoury incidents as the USS Vincennes shooting down IranAir 655, or the US & british governments backing a coup to depose the democratic Iranian government of Mossadeq.

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    The first Iran would do if it were to acquire nuclear weapons is nuke Israel.

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    No cheating. Write the essay based on your own knowledge. Please do not help this cheater. In the long run it'll do you no good.

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