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General George Marshall A) leader that said "Everything for the people, nothing by the people."

General Douglass McArthur B) queen of France during the revolution, thought to have spent lavishly on clothing and other items

Isaac Newton C) He was put on trial and executed by the guillotine

Gandhi D) U.S. president during WWI

Napoleon E) fascist leader of Italy during World War II

Emperor Joseph II F) U.S. president that ordered the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan

Louis XVI G) leader that moved Russia from a peasant society to an industrialized nation

Galileo H) Person responsible for the reconstruction of Europe

Metternich I) leader of the Congress of Vienna

Marie Antoinette J) Person responsible for the reconstruction of Japan

Wilson K) invented Calculus and the Law of Gravity

Truman L) He used a telescope to prove the sun center theory of the universe

Josef Stalin M) led nonviolent protests against the British presence in Indi

Benito Mussolini N) spoke of an Iron Curtain descending across Europe

Winston Churchill O) He brought temporary peace to Europe in 1802

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