Pls help me with my english coursework?!?

I have to submit this coursework buh there are too many mistakes! if anyone could juss correct the grammatical mistakes and change certain phrases, i wud be very grateful! The creative writing is about a movie. here it is

Innocent Steps.

They say failure is the key to success, but not everyone reaches the top. It’s not always about who reaches the top but also who tries and makes the effort. Every human being has a skill of their own but it depends on them whether or not they can find what they are good at and hone those skills to reach their potential.

Likewise it takes a lot of practise, experience, skill and energy to become a good samba dancer. The 3 steps dance of every beat makes it hard for the people to catch up but they eventually get the hold of it. There are different people in the world who have different personalities. Some help you out when you are in need of them whereas some deceive you mainly because of jealousy. Everybody has friends and enemies but it relies upon the person to choose their friend wisely.

Perry the 3 years experienced samba dancer applies for the greatest samba battle starting in 2 months at France. He practises his routines every day and night, trying to make every move he know perfect until when his fellow opponent steals his partner, Sammy leaving him with no partner at this crucial moment so close for his finals.

However, the man believed in himself and desperately tried to find a new partner for his routine. On the greatest day of his life changing moment, he appears on the stage along with his opponents, looking furious but rather practised too. The music comes on and all the dancers begin to move with the beat, everything looks great when Perry gets hit and trips and also gets stamped on his knee by his rivalry friend. His dreams were all about to end. Perry struggling in pain gets driven to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, he fractures his knee and gets notified that he isn’t allowed to dance for months.

His career, dreams were all broken, the dreams of being a good well known famous samba dancer but instead he lives in an apartment all by himself and tries to forget the misery night.

A year passed by but the memories never seemed to fade away. It was time for another year of samba battle but Perry had no interest of doing it again because he has lost all his hopes. Furthermore his coach and greatest friend, rick notifies Perry that he is a total looser and failure for not even trying. He also suggests him to face the fact that he got defeated and move on and try even harder because good things never come easily in life. Perry denying disagrees but however he does show some interest into rick.

Rick then reveals that he has arranged his new partner and he is going to the dance competition. Perry shockingly denies however rick persuades him to take the opportunity and follow his dears and Perry decides to go for it. Rick gives the name and address of the girl who’s meant to be the greatest dancer of Korea and therefore travelling to France. She loves collecting fireflies and raises them twice a week. It was her favourite daily hobby.

The next day, Perry goes to the airport to pick up the girl from the airport and finds out her name is shin hoo. He takes her to his apartment and explains to her the rules and regulations of the competitions. Shin hoo looks very young for her age and Perry doubts her dancing but the first thing he got to is a fake marriage to shin hoo because all the competitors must be French. They go to the registration office and register. Later at home they start practising for their finals.

The following day, rick coach comes to Perry’s apartment and examines the girl. Later, it turns out that the girl ’Shin-hoo’ isn’t real shin-hoo but her sister. She came here because her sister had an engagement and wasn’t allowed to travel instead came here because she was as good as the real Shin-hoo but would have been perfect after many practise.

any help wud be greatlty appreciated??

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    The word practice is spelled wrong several times. Practice, practices and practicing. Rick needs to capitalized. Traveling is spelled wrong. Favorite is spelled wrong (according to yahoo) . Shin hoo (Should the H be capitalized?)

    The grammar is good! It was very well written.

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    Pls help me with my english coursework?!?

    Please help me with my English coursework.

    I have to submit this coursework buh there are too many mistakes! if anyone could juss correct the grammatical mistakes and change certain phrases, i wud be very grateful! The creative writing is about a movie. here it is

    I have to submit this coursework, but there are too many mistakes. If anyone could please correct the grammatical mistakes and change certain phrases, I would be very grateful! The creative writing is about a movie. Here it is:

    any help wud be greatlty appreciated??

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    The discrepancies between the fair writing of the movie review compared to your post writing makes me wonder if you really wrote this, or if the assignment isn't for you to correct the mistakes in a piece of writing that was given to you. In any case, you need the practice in correcting it yourself.

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