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can gay people use the advantages of being married for immigration to canada?

If yes, how? as gay marriage is illegal in some countries, is it possible to prove that you're a ga couple?Do they accept?

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    There's no advantage of being gay or being married gay for immigration to Canada.

    Gay marriage that was done in the country/state or province that recognize gay marriage are also recognizable by citizenship and immigration Canada. So for example you got married in Vermont USA or recently Argentina. It is also recognizable.

    Living for one year with each other can also mean that you entered a common law partner, which is recognizable by Citizenship and immigration Canada.

    However, there is one status that heterosexual couple will have a hard time to do it. Filing immigration under conjugal partner status. Conjugal partner mean that because of the country you live in or one of the partner were denied long-term visa to stay in another partner's country or country situation are not permitted to start a relationship as common law or spouse.

    In this case, since a lot of countries didn't recognize gay marriage, or common law. I would say gay couple have the advantage.

    But for all other, it is the same as everybody else.

    The priority in immigration usually, spousal or dependent children of Canadian or Permanent Resident; People who has job offered from a Canadian firm, which the Canadian firm cannot find the skill in Canada or no Canadian nor Permanent resident willing to take that job: Refugee.

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    If gay marriage is legal in your country then Canada will recognize it. As to whether or not being married aids in the immigration process, that is a commonly held misconception. Married or single, your application is looked at on it's own merits. If they even suspect that you married just to get an advantage on immigration it will be held up for a long time and most likely be denied.

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    That's something that only the Immigration board could tell you - but gay marriage is legal in some countries. It would be difficult to 'prove' that you are a gay couple.

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    i'm Christian. i think of human beings would desire to marry whoever they want. that's no longer for me to bypass around judging human beings. i think of human beings would desire to do their ultimate to handle one yet another extremely and in all honesty no longer letting gays marry seems unfair. i've got heard adequate human beings say that gay human beings are born that way. God creates each physique and would not make errors. possibly he needs them to be gay. Who am I to question God. besides human beings consistently say it says in the Bible that gay is a sin. i've got appeared and that i observed sodomy stated as a sin. a great sort of heterosexual human beings try this. Lesbians do no longer. it is not a sparkling decrease project and that i could fairly stay out of it and permit God decide. meanwhile we would desire to consistently no longer deny absolutely everyone civil rights.

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    Nope, no extra points for being gay or married or both.

    you can apply as a married couple and you must both fit the proper criteria.

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