what is all the letters of the arab alphabet?

i just wanna ask

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    solated Contextual forms Name Translit. Phonemic Value (IPA)

    End Middle Beginning

    ا‎ ـا‎ ـا‎ ا‎ ʾalif ʾ / ā various, including /aː/

    ب‎ ـب‎ ـبـ‎ بـ‎ bāʾ b /b/, also /p/ in some loanwords

    ت‎ ـت‎ ـتـ‎ تـ‎ tāʾ t /t/

    ث‎ ـث‎ ـثـ‎ ثـ‎ ṯāʾ ṯ /θ/

    ج‎ ـج‎ ـجـ‎ جـ‎ ǧīm ǧ (also j) [ dʒ~ʒ~ɡ ]

    ح‎ ـح‎ ـحـ‎ حـ‎ ḥāʾ ḥ /ħ/

    خ‎ ـخ‎ ـخـ‎ خـ‎ ḫāʾ ḫ (also kh, x) [ x~χ ]

    د‎ ـد‎ ـد‎ د‎ dāl d /d/

    ذ‎ ـذ‎ ـذ‎ ذ‎ ḏāl ḏ (also dh, ð) /ð/

    ر‎ ـر‎ ـر‎ ر‎ rāʾ r /r/

    ز‎ ـز‎ ـز‎ ز‎ zāy z /z/

    س‎ ـس‎ ـسـ‎ سـ‎ sīn s /s/

    ش‎ ـش‎ ـشـ‎ شـ‎ šīn š (also sh) /ʃ/

    ص‎ ـص‎ ـصـ‎ صـ‎ ṣād ṣ /sˁ/

    ض‎ ـض‎ ـضـ‎ ضـ‎ ḍād ḍ /dˁ/

    ط‎ ـط‎ ـطـ‎ طـ‎ ṭāʾ ṭ /tˁ/

    ظ‎ ـظ‎ ـظـ‎ ظـ‎ ẓāʾ ẓ [ ðˁ~zˁ ]

    ع‎ ـع‎ ـعـ‎ عـ‎ ʿayn ʿ /ʕ/

    غ‎ ـغ‎ ـغـ‎ غـ‎ ġayn ġ (also gh) /ɣ/ (/ɡ/ in many loanwords, <ج> is normally used in Egypt)

    ف‎ ـف‎ ـفـ‎ فـ‎ fāʾ f /f/, also /v/ in some loanwords

    ق‎ ـق‎ ـقـ‎ قـ‎ qāf q /q/

    ك‎ ـك‎ ـكـ‎ كـ‎ kāf k /k/

    ل‎ ـل‎ ـلـ‎ لـ‎ lām l /l/, (/lˁ/ in Allah only)

    م‎ ـم‎ ـمـ‎ مـ‎ mīm m /m/

    ن‎ ـن‎ ـنـ‎ نـ‎ nūn n /n/

    ه‎ ـه‎ ـهـ‎ هـ‎ hāʾ h /h/

    و‎ ـو‎ ـو‎ و‎ wāw w / ū / aw /w/ / /uː/ / /au/, sometimes /u/, /o/ and /oː/ in loanwords

    ي‎ ـي‎ ـيـ‎ يـ‎ yāʾ y / ī / ay /j/ / /iː/ / /ai/, sometimes /i/, /e/ and /eː/ in loanwords

    The Arabic alphabet (Arabic: أبجدية عربية‎ ’abjadiyyah ‘arabiyyah) or Arabic abjad is the script used for writing several languages of Asia and Africa, such as Arabic and Urdu. After the Latin alphabet, it is the second-most widely used alphabet around the world.[1]

    The alphabet was first used to write texts in Arabic, most notably the Qurʼan, the holy book of Islam. With the spread of Islam, it came to be used to write many languages of many language families including, at various times, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Baloch, Malay; Fulfulde-Pular, Hausa, and Mandinka (all in West Africa); Swahili (in East Africa); Brahui (in Pakistan); Kashmiri, Sindhi, Balti, and Panjabi (in Pakistan); Arwi (in Sri Lanka and Southern India), Chinese, Uyghur (in China and Central Asia); Kazakh, Uzbek and Kyrgyz (all in Central Asia); Azerbaijani (in Iran), Kurdish (in Iraq and Iran), Belarusian (amongst Belarusian Tatars), Ottoman Turkish, Serbocroat (in Bosnia), and Mozarabic (in Western Europe). To accommodate the needs of these other languages, new letters and other symbols were added to the original alphabet. This process is known as the Ajami transcription system, which is different from the original Arabic alphabet.

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